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    My name is Joshua Washington. I am currently 17 years old and I live in Irondequoit, NY. My hobbies are racing, dancing to Japanese Trance music, and my favorite sport is NASCAR. I know semi-complex Japanese and I am very unique. I love to study weather. It just excites me how destructive it can be. I want to graduate at the college university of my choice with a Doctorate in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Then I will use that research to apply to work at The Japan Meteorological Agency in Tokyo or any other city in Japan that needs my intelligence of weather prediction and forecasting. There are rare people like me. Having a driven passion for the physics of nature or exploring the human anatomy. I have my whole future planned out. Even though it is rather unpredictable, it's how I revise and edit it along the way that counts. The thing is, I do not not give in to hard tasks easy, I am completely satisfied when I have completed a job or solve a problem. I also always love a good challenge.
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    Irondequoit, NY
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    Mangas, Anime, Chase Tornadoes, Studying Weather, NASCAR, Tsunamis, Meteorology, Tornadoes, Weather

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  1. Thank you. This class will definelty benefit towards my career.
  2. My name is Joshua Washington. I am what they call "a quiet and observant individual" at times. I have been learning about meteorology all my life. My inspiration of it came from chasing tornadoes in Texas with my father when I was young. The motion and destruction the storm caused somewhat fascinated me. I wanted to know why tornadoes are so violent. From that point on, I've been getting my hands on anything weather related. I had made it my life's achievement to become a meteorologist. I watch the Weather Channel 24/7, I check the doppler radar and GFS model data every time, and I make my own weather predictions as well just for fun. As of now, I have the closest experience I can get to the world of meteorology so far. At school, I am the weather broadcaster for the morning announcements every morning, and I have my own weather show called "Irondequoit Weather Center" . It is basically me with a green screen and 15 minutes dedicated to me talking about pressure systems, climate shifts, 6 day forecasts, and educating people of what I know about the weather. The show airs every Wednesday through Friday at 9:30pm on ICAT-15. (Commmunity Access Channel) . I chose to take physics because one, it's required, two, this is probably going to be the most important subject in my life. My whole career will be based off it. I plan earning a Master's degree in Physics and a PhD in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences during college. You see, I plan on going to college to become a meteorologist, but here's the twist, I want to become a meteorologist in Japan. I was always interested into the Japanese culture as much I am in the weather. I want to go to Osaka University which is located in the Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Their atmospheric sciences program for foreign students wishing to go to that specific graduate school is the place I need to be in. My family is already keeping contact with them as we speak. Generally, I take science very seriously. Although I am not that good in math, I'm sure I'll find a way to understand everything to work towards my dream. And that dream starts with this Physics class.
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