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  1. FIFA is a videogame that is meant to be a simulation of a real game of soccer. At EA sports, there goal is to make the game as realistic as possible. They make a new game annualy and attempt to improve the game each year. This year, EA sports has made a new ball physics engine. Their goal is to use real physics to make shooting as realistic as possible. This allows the player to take different types of shots like a curling shot or dipping shot. This new physics engine uses the accelaration of gravity (9.81 m/s^2) to correctly make the ball drop when taking a shot. It also factors in weather conditions like rain and wind that can also effect the balls movement. These new ball physics will allow EA sports to create a more realistic soccer simulation.
  2. I dont believe that Lebron James thinks about physics when he plays. Basketball is completely based on skill and talent.
  3. If space travel was possible, could their be other planets that could sustain human life?
  4. good luck, i hope you enjoy physics this year!
  5. I hope you enjoy learning about the bazaar conecpts of physics!
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    hi my name is Dan and i am a senior in high school who is taking physics. I also plan on going to college after high school. I am taking physics so i can get my advanced regents diploma. i am also looking forward to learning about scientists like Isaac Newton.
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