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  1. Sweet that's so cool
  2. Awesome love this movie and nice post
  3. In many of our video games and even in real life we sometimes come into contact with a hunting rifle or sniper rifle. For some games its just point and shoot and you hit him but for some games and in real life you have to compensate for the drop of the bullet. But did you also know that, that bullet you just shot and the case of that bullet as it flies out are hitting the ground at the same time? But back to the drop of the bullet when you fire. When you fire really any gun you have to aim a bit up from your target depending on the distance you are at. Gravity pulls the bullet down even if it might seem that it would take awhile as the bullet comes out of the gun gravity is acting on it and the bullet is being dragged down but slower that other objects because of the speed it is at. So next time you go hunting and you think that you are going to get the animal right in the sweet spot try aiming a little higher then where you want it to go, then it might be right on. But to come back to something, the drop of the bullet and the shell of the bullet. These two things drop and hit the ground at the same time. As you shoot the bullet goes flying off at high speeds, but when you pull the bolt back on the rifle and the case flies out and hits the ground, both parts of the bullet have hit the ground. They are technically experiencing the same thing its just the bullet shot is experiencing it over a greater distance with a greater speed.
  4. So to all drivers out there where your seat-belt! But could we find a way of making the airbags a little less violent? Sometimes they can cause injures but at the same time like you said above they prevent serious harm.
  5. SO MANY FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he did once exist but due to what we have been presented he could have passed on doing what he loved, making children happy.
  6. The game Need For Speed is a combination of drag racing with drifting added to it to allow for close calls and the love for getting to high speeds. Need For Speed's drag racing portion of the game is based on timing and speed. It is important to keep you speed up and constant to get to the end of the course on time or better. The other portion of this game is drifting, in the game helps you skid and squeak by corners to help make to the end on time. This game is one of my favorites because it is a challenge and the physics of drifting is fun to do. In this game you race cars through a course with the ability to unlock cars and achieve the rank of Most Wanted. The courses are sometimes timed and with those courses time is everything. Speed and timing go together because everyone wants to go fast and be at the top. In physics time is key to get the right. Time is important in this game in the aspect of turning corners as you race and how you manage it as you try to make it to the end of the course. In this game if you don't have the speed and timing you can not be the best. In physics timing and even speed is everything to get the right. The other aspect of this game is drifting and as we know drifting is based off of the use of momentum to slide around a corner or curve. Momentum is based of the mass and velocity (P=mv) and how you use it to you advantage to win. In this game, like in real life, you drift in in either direction, with this skill you can conserve speed around corners and adds a flare to your driving performance. Like in the movie Cars.... Drifting is very technical, you have to know how to control your car and the momentum you have behind you with the speed you have gained. With this knowledge I hope you can take and apply it to you next racing or game racing experience and be the best that you can be.
  7. that looks so fun but really tough to do
  8. I never thought of it that way
  9. In the game Assassin's Creed (1, Revelations, 2, Brotherhood, and 3) your objective is to jump, climb, and leap over and off of buildings, through crowds, in and out of carts. You do all this to assassinate people or discover things that help along the way. And the one famous tool that every assassin has is the hidden blade that allows for stealthy kills and quick blocks in a fight. The physics of this game is the angle that you leap off of buildings depending on the distance of the hay bales of the speed of an enemy walking by. Also the set-up of the hidden blade and how it works. This game involves a lot of momentum with a lot aspects of the game. In this game you jump from roof to roof,you need to have the right amount of momentum and angle or you don't make it and hurt yourself. Throughout the game depending the era of the game you play you are either leap on the tops of village buildings or through trees. Either way you do it you need the right angle, plus the right momentum to go in the right direction and be able to land the jump smoothly. If you have your character go the wrong direction you could either land hard, hurt yourself or desyncronized, or land in the water (depending on the era of the game) and get desyncronized. Also in this game like I brought up before there is the famous hidden blade that uses both spring and momentum to propel the blade out and back into the sheath. The momentum part of the blade is when you flick the blade out with the momentum in your arm and wrist. The spring part is when you retract it back into the sheath. Or it can be a pully and lock system like the one below.
  10. Looks cool. I would want to try it but would need quite a bit of training first on how to control it.
  11. I know it's like a skate board but those things are longer, it must be hard to control them especially at the speeds he is going.
  12. We have all heard of the game Portal 2. Portal 2 is a strategic game where you use your portal gun to finish tasks given to you by GlaDos and later on a core named Wheatley. Both GlaDos and Wheatley are AI's (Artifical Intelligence) that you interact with all throughout the game. The real physics in this game is the fancy portal gun. The portal gun harnesses the power of wormholes and allows you to shoot them specific surfaces that then allow you to travel from one spot to another in a room. The object of the game is to use this portal gun to complete tasks that then allow you to move on to the next room. Or in some cases to defeat GlaDos or Wheatley. But some rooms or objects aren't just point and shot and you'll end up in the place you need to be. Momentum also applies in this game. Starting with the portal gun, the portal gun uses the physics of wormhole to transport you from place to place. What it does is focus the power of a wormhole into one spot that is then shot onto the capable surfaces. It then allows you to shoot another portal of a different color onto another surface that then allows you to move yourself or an object from one spot to another. Wormholes work by shortening the distance between two points. So take that picture above and put it together with the portal gun diagram, you get a working portal gun from the game. And that's not the only bit of physics in this game you also somewhat have the idea of the conservation of momentum too. In this game you sometimes have to get to a a ledge a little higher you across the room. Let's say in this room you have a pit with a capable surface and a wall above you with a capable surface. You shoot one portal in the pit and on the wall then jump into the pit and the momentum you build in jump down carries through the other portal and shoots you across the room. And this is the physics of Portal 2 and the infamous Portal Gun.
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    Baseball Swing

    Definitley need to keep this in mind
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    Part 1

    I love how in minecraft that with most materials physics doesn't always apply
  15. We’ve all been to the doctors or the hospital before right? Whether it be for broken bones, diseases, blood test, etc. Either way we’ve encountered X-Rays, MRI’s (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT Scans (Computed Tomography Scans) because they need to check inside our bodies to see what’s going on. What we know is that X-Rays are used to check for any abnormalities that could go from broken bones to decently sized masses that could be harmful. X-Rays are focused and shot at the certain part of the body. Things like bones or solid masses usually stand out but the reason you wear a lead apron is to protect the rest of your body from serious x-ray damage. And MRI’s are kind of self explanatory in its name, it magnetizes the atomic nuclei in the body, scans them, and creates a 2D or 3D image of the scanned area. But the one thing a lot of people don’t know about is what CT scans are for. CT Scans or Computed Tomography Scans are like the fancier brother of X-Rays. CT Scans are X-Rays that are 2D images taken from all around to create 3D structures of the body for examination. CT Scans are defined as a medical imaging procedure that utilizes computer-processed X-Rays to produce tomographic images or 'slices' of specific areas of the body. What they have to do most of the time for CAT (Computed Axial Tomographic) scans is inject you or have you ingest a dye so that they highlight certain spots in the body to see how they are working at the moment. Injects are usually in the arm or any joint area. CT Scans are also are good to use for examination of a sarcophagus or dead bodies to find out what exactly happened. From more details or for visual help go to the links below: THE PROCEDURE WHAT THE MACHINE LOOKS LIKE
  16. William Pagán Jr., Mark Paradise, Preston Monigle This lab has many 'errors', most of which has to do with calculations. For example, you cant accuratly make out each and every calculation when it comes to determining the height a person can jump. Just a slight movement of the ruler or the hand can cause an error to the point of where the percent error can be easily seen. The timing in which you jump can also be messed up easily. Improving the lab can be fairly easy. For determining the distance in which the person can jump, you can have an accurate ruler already printed on the wall so that you could easily determine the height.
  17. William Pagán Jr.,Mark Paradise, Preston Monigle Determining G The three students first used amater stick to determine how long the ball was in the air with a stopwatch andand did this three times so that it could make the data slightly more accurateby calculating the average time and using the average time in a kinematicequation that Maek Paradiase is such a wiz at and used the3 equation d=Vit+1/2a(tsquared)which Mark than modified the equation to be able to find the acceleration dueto gravity instead of distance which the equation came out to be a=2d/(tsquared).The acceleration due to gravity came out to be 12.5m/s squared. Than theyfigured out the percent error which was the value you calculated minus theaccepted value divided by the accepted value times a hundred which came out tobe 25% which is pretty off but good considering the way they did it was byusing a stop watch which is highly inaccurate due to the visibility of the eye.
  18. Nice profession to get into and like everyone is saying Physics will help
  19. Pretty much an apprentice to the editor you would like to become. And I don't if I want to go into journalism but definitely art.
  20. I cant wait to see or hear about your as a future weather forecaster. You might just be able to help a lot of people understand with your forecasts and your other vast knowledge.
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    Hello my name is Preston. I am that kind of person who kind and I like to get things done so I don't need to do it later like homework or other things that are due sometime later in the week or month. I am very talented in art and I am good at math and I hope after high school to go to school for art or work. I also like baseball and football, my favorite baseball team is the Yankees and my favorite football team is Green Bay (plus my mothers maiden name is Packer so it runs in the family). For the past 3 years of high school I've been part of Rodequoit the school newspaper, I started as a grunt but worked my way up to illustrations editor for the paper. I've been lucky to make many friends throughout my years in the West Irondequoit and have been lucky to have many nice teachers along my school career. I am taking Physics because even though it might not be required i'm used to taking all the core classes every year plus I will get to learn a lot about things work and some of the projects sound fun. I hope to learn how to make a speaker out of any material and just would like to learn some new things. Plus some of the things that my friend talks about that I don't know that much about I will better understand. This year will be fun and I cant wait to learn new things. I'm sure that my teacher will make it fun and it will be a nice smooth ride through the school year.
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