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  1. This is fantastic! and i love the video
  2. rrand14


    This is so thorough and interesting! thanks for the post!
  3. YAY DAVE! good for you for taking physics-C!
  4. ive always wanted to go bungee jumping! SO AWESOME!
  5. it always scares me to read about black holes! EEEK!
  6. rrand14

    It's All Over

    Well, this has been one year that I will never forget. At first i was really nervous to start physics, not knowing what to expect, if i could handle it or if it would just go over my head. Im not a huge math person but i have always enjoyed science and having a better understanding of the world around us. Luckily, this class became the perfect fit for me. Regents Physics quickly opened my eyes to a new world where EVERYTHING has an explanation and most things you cant understand on the first try. This class has taught me skills i can use in the future, from taking responsibility for my work, working in a group, studying and asking questions to better my understanding. Mr. Fullerton has been so incredibly helpful the whole year. I never felt uneasy having to ask lots of questions. He treated me as an adult and allowed me to learn my own lessons. He shaped me into a person that i am happy to be. After i studied really hard for the midterm and still felt discouraged about my performance, Mr. Fullerton gave me a call to tell me that i passed and how proud he was of me. It really brought up my confidence in this class and excited me for the second half of the year. His constant support and motivation are super helpful in a class like this. Also, his access to review tools and organization allow anyone to understand. Plus his books are awesome! My favorite project of the year was the Ipod Speakers. This is mainly because i learned so much about how sound waves work and it challenged me to push myself and not give up if i didnt understand right away. I am also glad that my eyes were open to the origins of the universe in video format, its quite entertaining. I am so glad that i had the confidence to make it through the year, to meet new people and to discover a new understanding of myself. Thank you for the lessons and for the memories. Good luck on finals! (Sorry Mr. Fullerton, i had to.)
  8. this will be perfect for the future! definitely will help eliminate un-needed stress.
  9. i love reading reflections, this year seems like it went by really fast to me too
  10. rrand14

    Would you Rather....

    Would you rather.... get stepped on by an elephant? or get shot with a staple gun? Most definately, be stepped on by an elephant. You're probably saying to yourself; WHAT? I DONT WANT AN ELEPHANT STEPPING ON ME?! but trust me, you do. To find the pressure of one object onto another, you have to use the equation FORCE/AREA or F/A. So, if we have a 7000 Kg elephant stepping with a force of 68670 Newtons onto your hand, (F=mA) and the area of its foot is 0.18m^2, the amount of pressure would only be 382500p That may seem like a lot, but not compared to a staple gun, because its acceleration is much much higher, would have a greater force, and a smaller area, therefore making it extremely painful. This is why i don't play would you rather.
  11. rrand14

    Look Out Below!

    Recently in a perfomace I was in, the stage was designed to have many traps in the floor to allow characters to pop out for a suprise visit. These traps are fun for those who use them, but not so much when they break. During a scene when many characters are on stage dancing and jumping around, one of the characters landed with just enough force in just the right spot that the trap broke out from under him, dropping a whopping 10 inches before it became jammed, bruising the actors knees. Luckily there is a happy ending to this story unlike other disaster stories many actors have. (whoever starred in Spiderman the Musical probably has alot) But how could this happen? over the hours and hours of set up and design how could no one see this could happen? well, now they understand exactly why. about 12 hours after the event, the cast was brought back together into the theater to explain what happened, what went wrong and how they fixed it to ensure the safety of the cast for the rest of the run. As it turns out, one of the two-by-fours holding up the trap was split in half when the force of the actor was added to it. Before, when it was first built, the force of weight landing on the trap was designed to be pushed into a platform beneath the trap instead of being pushed directly to the floor. This probably has something to do with concurrent forces. The trap itself was designed to hold the least amount of weight it had to (the heaviest person in the show) but no one took into account the fact that as soon as someone jumps on it, the combination of gravity, mass, momentum and force all come into play at once. Plus, if a F=ma, and the actors acceleration was larger than walking (because he was jumping) then the forces all being put onto the trap at once caused the 2-by-4 to break. I think its really bizaar that one person was able to break a two by four directly in half just from jumping on it a little. I havent had a chance to go down and see exactly what they did to fix the problem. I think they used a variety of springs and such to allow for the energy to become transferred easily. As soon as i can find out i will do a little investigation and report back *No actors were harmed in the making of this blog post*
  12. Thats so cool! when i was really little my neighbors who were much older than me tricked me into thinking that bubbles were edible! i used to try to find edible bubbles whenever i went to the store! they were so mean...
  13. well, its a good thing i understand! and HOPEFULLY that will never happen to me
  14. On a nice, hot summer day, the first thing most people think about is going to the beach. Once there, the sand gets in your shoes and makes an extremely uncomfortable situation. So why not take off your shoes? well, because that soft, relaxing looking sand is probably HOT, so be careful. The sun is a very strong thing. Because the sand, like on the beach of lake Ontario, is made up of mostly quartz, the heat capacity of the sand is very high, meaning that it can absorb a LOT of heat and get really warm. After only a few hours of sunlight, the heat of the sand can rise to well above the temperature outside. Unlike things that are black in color and absorb a lot of light, the sand is actually absorbing the energy of the sun, (and maybe some light waves too.) Energy in the sun is created when there is a nuclear fusion of Hydrogen into Helium in the core of the sun. The helium atoms are radiated off of the sun through the solar system, eventually entering the Earth's atmosphere, hitting the ground and being obsorbed. If the sand were made up of different minerals, it may not get as hot because the heat capacity might be much much lower, making it harder for the substance to heat up. The heat capacity for quartz is 830 J/Kg C, meaning it takes 830 jules of heat energy to raise the temperature of the quartz in the sand. This can be achieved very quickly. In one hour the sun produces 1.4*10^14 Joules of solar energy. Of course this energy dissipates by the time it hits the earth's surface, but that is still a substantial amount of energy. So next time you decide to spend a day on the beach, wear sandals or things that sand can move through easily, otherwise, be prepared to feel like youre stepping on some hot coals. *Did you know: the sun produces more solar energy every hour than the entire energy needs of human civilization? thats ALOT of energy able to be absorbed. *
  15. I used to fly alot when i was a kid and i always used to worry that the plane would just.. stop flying.. its good to know that scientists and physics want to keep me safe
  16. This is really interesting, i never really thought about it. I think the worst is when its 6 am and your cat pushes your door wide open and lets all the light in
  17. "Kids! go look outside, theres a HUGE rainbow!" my mom shouts through the front door as my brother and I race like NASCAR to the door to see the sight of amazement and wonder. As we stand in the middle of the road barefoot, our feet soggy and stinging with the puncture of little pebbles, my brother and I start to swap observations, "I see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, AND purple" "yeah, well I see red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, pink, purple, and BROWN". Sure, some of these colors arent actually possible to see in a rainbow, but with us kids it was always a competition. But even at a young age my brother and i knew that no one person sees a rainbow completely the same. We knew that it happened, but we didnt know why. It's actually a pretty interesting observation. You may be standing and looking at a rainbow to the south of you, while another person may be standing 10 miles west of you and not see a cloud in the sky, and another person could be standing 10 miles south of you and be in the middle of a downpour. This is obvious. But even a person standing only a few inches from you will view the rainbow differently. It may not be a huge difference, or even a noticeable difference, but its there.But why does this happen? why is there even a difference at all? Firstly, Rainbows are created through refraction. Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it's speed is different. Because light is made up of many different colors, when the light hits the rain drops (water, a different medium) and is refracted, all of the colors (different wavelengths of light) are visible. With all of the colors combined it looks white, but once its refacted all of the colors separate creating a rainbow. If there is very little water or only a little light, it can create "mini" rainbows of only two or three colors, like when youre jumping through a sprinkler or looking at Niagara Falls. Heres where it gets a little scientific. Because no two people can occupy the same point at once, it is impossible to be standing at the exact same angle from the sun, and the exact same angle from the rainbow. Therefore, when Susie looks at a rainbow she may notice that it spans the length of the street, but Bobby might think it spans the length of 2 streets. Also, because the thing you're observing, the rain droplets, are constantly moving,the angle at which the droplets are interfearing with the sunlight is constantly changing. At some points you may notice it starts to get dimmer or brighter, this can be caused by the lessening of moisture in the air, or from the movement of the cloud away/toward you. Also, if you try to run towards the rainbow to find the pot of gold, you will never actually find it. Because you are moving the rainbow that you see will also be moving. Therefore, the rainbow will always be moving away from you. So, next time you head outside to see the span of color across the sky, just think about refraction and its constant change. and who knows, maybe one day you'll catch the leprechaun.
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    what does a grunt mean in 'newspaper lingo'? are you thinking about going into journalism at all?
  19. Hi! I am a Junior at Irondequoit High School, i am interested in singing and acting. I want to go to college for musical theater, special education and broadcasting. i haven't really started looking around yet and i am always open to new input, so let me know what you think about some colleges! I have a brother and two cats. My favorite tv shows are Dance Moms, and Lost. I enjoy listening to music and i am attatched at the hip with my iphone.... literally. I decided to take physics this year because i thought it would be a challenge. After taking chemistry there are alot of things about the world that i see, and understand differently. if that much could be done in chemestry i am interested to see how much differently i see the world after physics. I cant wait to learn about things that will make my head spin! Heres to a great year!
  20. I love COD! and i too was thinking about lookikng at Maryland, but im not sure if i would like a big school...
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