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  1. Breaking news-this just in! Young physicians in Mr. Fullerton's eighth period class at Irondequoit High School have calculated the acceleration due to gravity! They used materials including a ball, a meter stick, and a stop watch. They measured one meter high and dropped the ball from that distance, while measuring the time it took to hit the ground. After three trials, the students took the average of the three times to come up with 0.45 seconds. These smart students already knew the initial velocity of the ball (0m/s) as well as the distance (1m) and time (0.45s) allowing them to solve for accelration using the kinematic equation d=Vit+1/2at^2. Once the acceration variable was isolated, the students plugged in the information and solved the equation and they got 9.88m/s^2 with only a 0.7% error! What a fantastic discovery! :wave)
  2. This method had such a high percent error because attempting to time the exact moment when someone jumps off the ground and lands on the ground using a stop watch is very inaccurate. The person timing the person in the air will not know the exact moment of when the person jumps up and when their feet hit the ground. A more modern or state of the art version of this expriment can be created by using censors to measure the exact time the person is in the air. There could be a censor anywhere on the body where it would be constant, then the other person could set up a seperate censor to measure the person jumping. This censor could be hooked up to a computer or something that would show the exact time. That way, the timer would be more accurate because there wouldnt be another person trying to time the jumper.
  3. I LOVE Dance Moms so much... its great, abby lee is insane. I know you will go far in musical theater because you have so much talent! I'm coming to the Chorale concerts to see you guys and i really wish i didnt have to drop! Good luck in there!
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    Thats funny, I also like to buy exotic fruits from wegmans and eat them. Lets be friends? You're lucky you like math because I really hate it. I'm glad we are in the same physics class!
  5. Hi everyone, this is Jennie. As you can see, I chose Yennie as my username because some of my friends decided to start calling me Yen, and I don't really know the reason for it. Thats just the way it is! I love my cat Gary, my friends, my family, and the music I'm loyal to. Some bands I love are All Time Low, Fun, and Motion City Soundtrack but its certainly not limited to that. I also love taking dance classes and, well dancing in general is pretty cool. Hanging out with my friends is my favorite activity ever! I'm a really fun person, get to know me! I'm taking physics this year mostly because that was the suggested science class of my senior year. I'm hoping to realize that this class isn't as bad as I think it will be like everyone says. I don't really have anything specific I want to learn about mostly because I hardly know anything about physics. This whole year of physics will probably be new for me but I'm up for the challenge.
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