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  1. Great job on the truss! Lol there are people in that pic... We should add a "tag your friends" feature to aplusphysics
  2. AlphaGeek

    The last...

    "I've never done so poorly on so many exams before in my life." I totally agree with you! This course and calc were doozies in terms of exams. Cheers to conquering them both! Happy summer!
  3. AlphaGeek

    the end

    Haha, I saw your Kerbal creations! It's a good thing that Jebediah regenerates each launch, or else the number one cause of death on Kerbin would be by rocket ;]
  4. Haha I agree! The blog posts were a way to explore the realms of physics, whether it be the possibility of reaching temperatures below 0 Kelvin or simply the physics of a toaster
  5. Right! It's funny to look back and reflect upon how scary integrals were at first. Happy last day! We will miss you, Mr. Fullerton! Thanks for all of the help
  6. yay toast physics! There's also physics in the springs, because they hold potential energy when displaced ***this blog makes me want a slice of toast***
  7. I hope you're able to post it, Charlie! It was painful to watch though ^^;
  8. You're one to talk! "Gravity."
  9. It's too late for the first one, but this one is still unsolved
  10. Nope! Hint: it's one of Jool's moons.
  11. I can't believe it's the last day! I'm going to miss this class so much D:
  12. Hahahaha, this is the most in depth blog post I've ever seen. Well done, Dave!
  13. Hahaha, your daughter is the coolest 3 year old on the planet and I've never even met her.
  14. Soooo, because this is my last blog post for this year ( ), I thought it would be fitting to do a course reflection on the AP-C physics class this year. I thought I'd do it in a "bests-vs-worsts" top 5 format, kind of like you could find on collegeprowler.com when viewing different schools. Top 5 Bests: 5.) Blog Posting [i thought this was really fun! I've never done anything like this before for a class. It brought up interesting physics applications and I thought it was fun to converse with classmates on the site ] 4.) Independent Units [As uncomfortable as I was at first, independen
  15. Yes! Mathgeek15 has a cookie coming her waaaay!
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