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  1. Thank you SO much for posting these. I caught at least 5 silly mistakes in my packet. If we didn't match, I'd do the problem again. There are still a few that I got different answers for, if you have no idea where I'm coming from I can post the work up..

    Missing: pg. 1 #1, on the left (I got D)

    Differing answers:

    pg. 15 # 17: I know for sure this one is B. If you break the system into momentum in the Y direction and momentum in the X direction, the Py cancels out and Px becomes Vo/2. The reason why it doesn't work when you just use the original vectors is because one is going partly in the negative y direction and the other in the positive y direction, while both are going in the positive X direction.

    Posted the soln. here because the pic wouldn't upload:


    pg. 20 # 14 I remember you explaining 14 and 15, but I can't think of how you got 14 for the life of me! I got C...

    pg. 24 # 32 I got B..

    Iw1 = Iw2


    V1/ R1 = V2 / R2

    V2 = V1 (R2/R1​)

    And if anyone knows how to do the center of mass by picture, I would totally LOVE an explanation! (pg. 16 # 29)

  2. OMG, this is awesome! Definitely using this later. Not only have you made me more confident, but potentially more decisive ;P I give you credit, my preference velocity has been remarkably low for econ lately... Like, if I drove at the same speed as my preference velocity, I would be passed by pedestrians. Really old, sluggish ones in wheel chairs.

  3. Having "engaged" in similar activities back when I was young and foolish, the real question is what happened when they got caught.

    And just for the record, trying to avoid the mess factor by having shopping cart ground-bungee drag races through hallways may result in ER visits and plaster. :einstein)

    Sounds like fun! I mean, of course I'll avoid trying that out... ;) Another instance did involve an ER visit. Something about a snowball fight getting out of hand, falling from a two story window and fracturing a pelvis. *shrug*. Kids these days.

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