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  1. I read a biography on einstein wayy back and he said he regretted that his equation was used for an atomic bomb
  2. We all know Star Wars right? A common theme is battles in space with big ships blasting at each other. However, if the movies were based on actual science, you wouldnt hear anything. There's always big booms and laser sound effects, but if you think about it, sound cannot travel through space. Sound is a longitudinal wave, and can be looked at as such: ::: : : ::: : : :::: Longitudinal waves need a medium to travel through, and since space is nothing more than a vacuum, there is no medium, and therefore no sound could travel. Then Star Wars would be really boring, huh? Good thing George Lucas neglected his physics class. You should't though!
  3. Spiderman could go any velocity he wants, good job!
  4. Would starting lower to the ground and then throwing at a 45 degree angle help at all?
  5. I just thought it was very interesting to apply what I learned in physics to real life. I was interning in a recording studio last night and got a "physics rush" if you will. We put a condensor mic and a dynamic mic in front of a Vox amplifier and noticed that it didn't get too good sound. So I learned that if you just switch the soundwaves of one of the mics 180 degrees out of phase, it will match up with the other mic and make the guitar sound a lot better and fuller. The sound waves of the two mics weren't perfectly insync with each other so turning the phases around really helped
  6. I never thought of the jump float like that, very interesting!
  7. One of my favorite movies is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Secret of the Ooze. One of the final battle scenes shows Mikey hitting a chored on a key-tar (keyboard shaped like a guitar) and the loud sound it creates sends the evil-doer Shredder flying across the building. I've always wondered how this could happen. I've played my fair share of extremely loud amplifiers before with no such effect. After doing some thinking on this, it is apparent that sound waves cannot simply transform into shockwaves. After watching the scene many many times, i realized that it must have simply been the explosion of the amplifier that sends Shredder flying with shockwaves. Shockwaves send a sort of expansion fan that causes objects to move. Sound waves cannot move things.
  8. On a bright tuesday afternoon, several students of West Irondequoit High School attempted to calculate a person's jumping hieght using two methods: putting tape on the wall where their hands met at the max hieght of the jump, and by recording the time it took for one to jump and fall back to the ground. The results of the two experiments were not too accurate compared to each other, however. The likely source of miscalculation would have to be the stopwatch, as there will always be some error because it cannot be 100% exact all the time. a possible fix to this situation would be a sensor on the ground that would tell when you leave the ground and when you reach back down on the ground once again.
  9. Breaking news out of Irondeqouit High School! Students in Mr. Fullerton's Regents Physics class, using nothing but stopwatches, measuring sticks and a basketball,measured the acceleration due to gravity. Their first order of business was to drop the ball a meter high off of the ground. They then recorded the time it took for the ball to drop to the floor. Using their vast knowledge of physics, they calculated the acceleration of the drop using the formula D=Vit+1/2at(t). Already knowing the distance, initial velocity, and time of the drop, they quickly calculated the acceleration. However, their results were less than optomistic, as their percent errors fell between 41% and 54%. The equipment they used were the most likely cause for such a miscalculated acceleration!
  10. Eric Pinales,Ryan Sullivan, Ben Stiener, Gerrard Caso Today we were given the task torecord the speeds at which cars were vrooming down the casual yet exuberantCooper Rd. we had to find two points of measurement over a 30 meter span. We recordedthe speeds of ten different cars to get a comprehensive understanding of howthe calculations work. Step 1: we measured out 30 meters ofthe side of the road Step 2: we had a person at each end,with one in the middle, and another one off to the side recording data. Step 3: When the car passed thefirst end (point A) the person there yelled to start recording. Step 4: at that time, the person inthe middle (point and the person at the end (point C) would start theirstopwatches. Step 5: when the car passed theperson at point B, the person there stopped their stop watch and recorded theirtime Step 6: when the car passed theperson at point C, they stopped their stopwatch and recorded their time aswell. [TABLE="class: MsoTableGrid"] [TR] [TD]Car # [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Time 15m [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Time 30m [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Speed 15m [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Speed 30m [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Average Speed mps [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Speeding Y/N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.53 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.98 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9.80 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10.1 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9.95 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.43 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]3.13 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10.5 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9.58 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10.0 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]3 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.15 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.56 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]13.0 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.7 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.3 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]4 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.25 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.69 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]12.0 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.2 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.6 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]Y [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]5 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"].82 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.87 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]18.3 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]16.0 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]17.2 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]6 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.28 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]3.09 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.7 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9.71 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10.7 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]7 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.53 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.52 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9.80 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.9 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10.9 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]8 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.23 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.49 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]12.2 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]12.1 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]12.2 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]9 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]1.03 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.65 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]14.6 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]11.3 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]13.0 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]10 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"].95 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]2.44 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]15.8 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]12.3 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]14.1 [/TD] [TD="width: 80, bgcolor: transparent"]N [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  11. dude that book sounds pretty cool!
  12. This year in physics i think I'd like to learn cool and interesting things like magnetism and propulsion and such. The things my teacher said we'd cover do sound pretty interesting to me and i'd like to learn lots of cool stuff. Oh yeah and possibly sound waves too, as i want to get into music production later on. This year should be fun, i can't wait to learn cool stuff!
  13. My life is centered around music. I love classic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. I play guitar in a metal band called Spika and i've been playing guitar for about 4 years now and i consider myself somewhat advanced haha i'm pretty good. So yeah my life is pretty much all about music. I plan to own a music venue one day to support local bands and do a little music production on the side.
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