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  1. As many of us know Iron Man 3 has made its debet earlier this month and has many new and exciting aspects of physics in it. One scene in the movie is of Tony Stark's house being blown up by helicopters. The really exciting part isn't the house bursting into flames, but when Tony is being dragged down to the ocean floor by debre from the house. This got me thinking, would Tony and the Iron Man suit sink on its own or stay afloat? In order to stay afloat or have neutral bouyancy, the suit would have to have a density of at least 1 because that is the desity of water. If the desity of an object
  2. Swimming can be used in a variety of ways. Some use it for recreation while others use it for sport and competition. Regardless of how it is used there are many forms of physics that are used. The video below demonstrates and explains the various aspects of physics in swimming... With this video you can see all the different aspects of physics ( acceleration momentum, force, velocity and Newtons Laws of Motion, as well as drag coefficients) that are involved in the simple act of swimming. Acceleration is used when starting from any initial speed and increasing or decreasing
  3. This is very interesting. I never thought to look at the Lion King in such a scientific way
  4. Nice work in describing how dart throwing relates to physics!
  5. There are a lot of things that go into mountain biking. Anyone can demonstrate physics of a bicycle just by riding one, even on straight and level ground. The gyroscopic action of the wheels can help keep you balanced while riding. But more important to a mountain biker physics can keep you from doing something too stupid. There are different styles of mountain biking, but the one I am going to focus on is downhill mountain biking. This style of biking consists of riding downhill as the title suggests, with the help of gravity. That is the main reason why it can be dangerous. With gravity a
  6. I was wondering the same thing and agree with the solution to this potential problem. My only concern is that the reffs are two different people and may not always have the same calls resulting in them blowing their whistles at different times. So having the stand on the opposite side still falls with in questioning in my opinion.
  7. I've always been a big fan of the Marvel comic Iron Man. Its so cool how Tony Stark can put his extremely advanced suit on and do amazing things like save the world. But with all of these amazing feats, how much of the Iron Man suit actually follow the laws of physics, and more importantly, how does he fly? Through research I have found the answers to these questions. The idea of the Iron Man suit is very much plausible and somewhat realistic. The problem, however, is the technology available to us now. It's just not at the point in its development where it will allow for the abilities disp
  8. Monty

    physics of diving

    I never known diving to include so many actions related to physics like this. It is quite amazing how it all blends together to allow for the diver to perform.
  9. I agree with your reasons for continuing your science courses :monkey:
  10. wow really coo! great your taking physics:wave)
  11. Monty


    My name is Sam. I like to hang out with friends, go new places and meet new people. One of my favorite things to do is go mountain biking in the nearby parks. I am currently working towards my black in karate, hoping to test in sometime in October. I am taking physics this year because i wanted to take a science credit and eventually i will need to take some sort of physics class in college. I hope to learn more about my surroundings and how everything seems to work. Hopefully I'll get more out of physics class than origonally thought.
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