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    Lacrosse is a contact sport in which players use cradle and pass the ball to score. Players can use their bodies to check or delay other players on the field. Also, players can “check” other players’ sticks with their own sticks in order to loosen the ball from the stick’s pocket. I play attack so the sole goal of my playing is to shoot and score. The top arm exerts a pushing force on the shaft, the bottom arm a pulling force, creating a type of lever. This forces the head forwards which creates centripetal and the force propells the ball outward. And of course, after the ball finally leaves
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    Last weekend, Erica and I went to soccer practice and we applied our drills to units we have learned in physics class. Little did I know, everything we did had related itself to physics and a unit. For example, when kicking a ball from one end of the field to the other, I could determine the velocity of Erica's kick along with my own. First, I would measure the distance between where the ball would start and end. Then, another teammate would time how long it took to get to the opposite end. Using the formula, v=d/t, I would be able to calculate the velocity. Also, being a very physical playe
  3. This method had a higher percent error due to the attempt to time the exact moment when someone jumps off the ground and lands on the ground using a stop watch can obtain very inaccurate information. The person timing the person in the air will not know the exact moment of when the person jumps up, with different reactions, and when their feet hit the ground. An accurate version of this expriment can be created by using censors to measure the exact time the person is in the air. There could be a censor anywhere on the body where it would be constant, then the other person could set up a sepera
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