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  1. physics is everywhere! good job nick!
  2. Never thought physics would have such a huge impact on just walking!
  3. never knew how much physics was involved with all different types of sports!
  4. I have never skied but it seems so much fun!
  5. Even though I don't play softball it's amazing how much physics is involved with this.
  6. Theres so many forces with literally everything we do!
  7. Since in the summer all I mostly do is ride my bike I thought why not see how physics relates to bike riding. When I ride my bike, I find myself doing no work at all at times and then actually having to do work. After taking physics I finally realized why this is. Gravity, is one main factor while riding a bike. When you are to go down a hill, gravity is doing all the work for you pulling the front of your bike down the hill. Gravity will always be greater than the friction, and weight you are fighting through. Friction when going down the hill is very minimal between the spinning tire and
  8. Sports are a huge part of most peoples daily lives. When I was younger softball was always something I wanted to do but I chose other activities over it. I decided to take a minute and learn how softball relates to physics since it's one topic I am interested in. Pitching in softball is related to physics because of the velocity. Pitching can be very difficult because you need to know all the different curve techniques. In softball, there are six main pitches, the fastball, change-up, curve, screw, rise, and drop. The fastball is supposed to stay on a straight path at a constant height to t
  9. Now that summer is practically here and watching my parents open the pool, I decided to do this physics blog on swimming. Swimming relates to physics a lot more than you think. Newtons first, second, and third laws play a huge part in the physics of swimming. Newtons first law shows the difference between static and dynamic forces and why it takes extra forces to get through two different forces. A static forces is when a body is at rest it stays at rest. The movement you feel once you get your body to move it you overcoming the static force. A dynamic force is when a body in motion wants t
  10. Everyone enjoys the thrill of roller coasters, but not everyone takes the time to realize how they relate to physics. Roller coasters relate to physics because of the potential engery and the kinetic energy they use. As well as gravity, and using forces. A roller coaster uses both potential energy and kinetic energy. It stores the energy as the roller coaster is inclining up the hill because of the gravity that is pulling it down creating a greater distance. As the potential energy is released once it has reached the top of the hill, kinetic energy takes over as it is going up the hill. Rol
  11. Good job explaining how diffraction occurs even if you try to stop it!
  12. Nice job explaining how physics is apart of softball! I did mine on sports as well.
  13. Most people consider cheerleading a weak activity that requires girls dressing up in cute uniforms and waving around pompoms. However, cheerleading is an intense sport that requires practice, dedication, and knowledge of skills. Just like any other sport, physics is involved in cheerleading 100%. Physics is found in every single motion and stunt. Cheerleading is based on stunts, tumbling, and jumps and since physics is so involved in this sport it makes this sport actually exist. A main factor of physics found in cheerleading jumps is force. Newton's Third Law states that for every action,
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