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  1. Forces are everywhere and i never knew how many forces act upon a simple object until this unit in class! A force is a push or pull acting upon an object as a result of its coming into contact with another object. For the purpose of this blog post, i will use a basketball rolling down a hill because that is simple, and hey, its getting late. So the forces acting upon this object are the normal force, applied force and gravity force. The normal force is the force of a surface acting back on the object so in this case it is the ground pushing on the basketball to keep it up. Secondly, the applied force is a force from a person or another object so there would be an applied force if i were to go up to this basketball and push it down the hill. Lastly, gravity force is what pulls the object to the center of the earth. This is equal to the weight of the object because it is found by multiplying mass times 9.81 N/Kg. There is also friction, which is exerted by the surface when the ball (in this case, basketball) rolls. Air resistance is another force most people don't think to consider, and this force is opposite of which ever direction the ball is rolling. As you can see, there are a lot of different kinds of forces, and i have nobody but mr. fullerton to thank for teaching me all of them!
  2. Music is a huge part of my life and i never would have thought of the physics involved before this year not just because it didn't matter to me, but because i didn't know anything about it and now i do! Through many videos and lectures, i have learned that when a song is playing, the sound waves that are emitted have many components. First, the wavelength is the distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next one. The frequency is the number of waves that pass a point in each second. The amplitude is the measure of the amount of energy in a sound wave or how tall is is from the middle to the top not the trough to the crest! The crest is the highest point on the wave and the trough is the lowest point. A pitch is how high or low a sound seems and intensity plays a big part in this too. The greater the intensity of a sound, the greater the amplitude. These waves travel through matter, and differ from light waves because sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. Sound is a longitudinal wave and is classified as a mechanical vibration! Okay i have to go study for my physics test now!
  3. This was interesting I connected mine to sports too!
  4. I like how in depth you went with gravity and acceleration I can tell you put a lot of effort into this blog post!
  5. If I have learned anything this year throughout this class it would be that physics is everywhere! In this blog post, I've decided to write about softball because its the only sport that I've played in school and for a long time. There are many aspects of this sport that involve but the two I want to focus on are momentum and nodes. Momentum is a huge part of the sport because your team is in the field for 50% of the game and at bat for the other 50%. Momentum is what gives you force to hit the ball to the bat and make the ball go a far distance. For example, one of the first steps in following through with a proper swing, is taking a step forward with the foot closest to the pitcher. This foot may vary depending on whether you are a righty or lefty batter. When you take that step forward, you start the process of bringing all your body weight forward so you can maximize the power and distance the ball goes once you make contact with the ball. The nodes and antinodes are also very important maybe not to the whole team or fans but to the individual players because true baseball/softball players know how much it hurts when you hit the ball on the "sweet spot" of the bat. Although it is called a sweet spot, it doesn't feel sweet when you hands and stinging and it goes foul or not as far as you would like and you either have to try again or sit back on the bench with your hands killing. When you hit it near the middle of the bat that wave combines with the waves as the ball leaves the bat and is called a node when they come together. This takes energy away from the distance the ball travels and doesn't go as far as it could if you hit the ball closer to the end of the bat. This spot is the ideal place to make contact so when the wave from hitting the ball and the wave when it leaves the bat come together and form an antinode and doesn't hurt your hands and goes far enough to maybe get you a home run and make it worth all the practice!
  6. In our group, 16% 23% and 25% were very high percent error results. This is due to the fact that we didn't have a very good form of measuring time. With the stop watches that we used, it is easy to miscalculate and press the start and stop button at the perfect time. If we could set up this experiment again, we would use motion sensor equipment to time when we left the ground and returned exactly. we would also have a measuring tool such as a newer tape measure that isn't old and worn to measure how high we were so our results would be more accurate. If we have better times and meaurements it would be much easier and we would have less of error.
  7. 1. the speeding lab is to determine the average speed of cars traveling down cooper road by measuring the meters per second. We are trying to see if cars are speeding and the general average speed down the road. 2. First we measured out 30 meters down the sidewalk. one person stood at 20 meters and another at 30 meters. we measured the times at both places and recorded for 10 different cars. Then we used the equation v=d/t to find the speed and after we calculated the average speed.
  8. im thinking its gonna be better than any other science too
  9. hey hey hey i work at weggies too! you should get a job there ya know...
  10. jbilodeau


    Im juliana and sorry my last name is in my username i forgot . But im a senior and looking forward to the end of high school and going to college. I like math and art but dont really know what i want to study/major in. I enjoy taking naps, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Im taking physics this year because it will look good for colleges but also because i have heard its more math-related so im hoping ill do well. Science has never been my strong class but im hoping that it will be fun this year and i will get a lot of of it. I hope to learn why things do what they do and the basics behind all of that. Im excited for labs because i have a feeling they will be more interesting than what i remember from chemistry
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