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  1. ok. pg 1 #1. I'm pretty sure its A because its at constant acceleration, NOT constant velocity, so you need to use x= vo+ .5at2, which proves D wrong. And when you think about A, what its really saying is speed is increase 9.8 m/s per sec, aka accelerating 9.8 m/s2

    pg 15 #17: yeah youre right i figured that out on the webassign

    Pg 16 #29: Correction: B. PS: You do realize I can explain this?

    YCM=[m(.5L) +m(.5L) +m(0)]/ 3m --> (1/3)(2/2L)--> L/3

    Pg 20 #14: centripital force is equal to the spring force: F=kx --> F= (100)(.03) --> F=3 I know this is right.

    Pg 24 #32: That's a tough call. You used L= Iw while I used L= mvr. Both are correct equations I believe, because i use mine all the time and it works. So well need another perspective...

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