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    The last...

    It's rather crazy to be writing my last ever physics C blog post... I feel as though this day has always seemed so far away. Now that I'm all reminiscent and whatnot, what better to blog about than a reflection on the course? First and foremost, it was hard. At least for me. I felt as though all year I was struggling to grasp everything that everyone seemed to get so easily and had to fight ten times harder to get to the same point. The course frustrated me countless times, and I've never done so poorly on so many exams before in my life. With that in mind, I have absolutely no regrets
  2. There was a lot of picture taking going on today, and considering it being a noteable passion of mine, I figured it's a good thing to ponder the physics of. Photography is derived from the greek words "photos" meaning light, and "graphos" meaning writing. Writing with light. Aptly named, as light is the largest component of any good photograph. Every camera has exposures and f-stops that corollate with apperatures and shutterspeeds. Each of these are tools to control how much light is allowed to be exposed on the film or SD card. I don't think I know enough about SD cards to be able to conf
  3. I've always just kind of assumed nature optimized the way all things are formed for what they're designed to do. Apparently, however, this is not the case. Though it's a myth that bumble bees shouldn't be able to fly with their rather small wings and rather large body, the way in which they do fly is incredibly inefficient. Essentially they move around the air through sheer brute force. Not only are their wings unsynchronized, but the way in which they flap i makes it impossible for air flow to aid the bee in traveling through the air more easily. Its huge thorax combined with the high e
  4. Momentumous

    Time Travel

    I know, first I talk about teleportation, and now I'm talking about time travel. Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a Whovian. Huge Doctor Who dweeb, so yes, that's where a lot of my inspiration is coming from. Regardless of my inspiration, it's not really so strange to think about time travel--what would you do if you could travel in time, when would you go? Ancient history? Your history? Eons in the future? Furthermore, I'd think you a raging liar if you tried to tell me you've never wondered if (or secretly wished that) time travel is possible ever. This depends entirely on how time works.
  5. I've mention in a previous post how poorly magic and physics mix. That being said, there are many variations on how magic works depending on what fiction you're referring to. In most fictions I've seen, practicing magic tends to simply require a lot of mental focus and memorizing a few words. This concept is entirely impossible in the real world if the fundamental laws of physics hold true. Energy can't be created or destroyed, simply changed. Magic tends to make things move with no physical cause, thus making it impossible. Some fictions, however, take a more plausible route. I've read a fe
  6. Recently I've acquired skullcandy over-ear headphones that have many noise canceling qualities. Still, I find myself wishing I could afford the Bose. Without any doubt, the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones are the best of their kind. With this in mind, I though it worth the research to figure out why. As with nearly anything, there's actually quite a bit of physics involved in optimizing sound quality. For starters, to make headphones in general involves coils and magnets and a whole slew of physics. Optimizing the sounds quality is a little more simple in theory (though not necessarily in p
  7. Of all the tv shows we watch, each and every one retains varying levels of accuracy with respect to physics. Here's my personal reflection on the accuracy of some shows I watch: The Big Bang Theory: The big bang theory is a hilarious comedy relating to the lives of social awkward phsyicists. We don't have any problems with someone leaping too far out of a window or something blowing up when it shouldn't because... well that stuff doesn't happen in the big bang theory. Noteably, however, is all the physics they talk about. The directors of the show truly put a lot of research into making su
  8. Over the past few weeks, I've gotten to know Kerbal Space Program quite well. I can honestly say it's quite the addicting game, but if you don't do any research, it can get very frustrating. Personally, I'm a trial and error kind of gal. When being completely honest, I almost never actually calculate the physics behind everything going on in KSP, I just make behemoth rockets and see if they do what I want them too. As a result, I've probably had more crash landings and test flights than there are grains of sand on the beach. If we were to look at the actual physics, there's so much going on in
  9. Does anyone else feel it too? End of the year syndrome... it's kinda like senioritis, except anyone can get it. Essentially what it means is a complete and total lack of motivation to do anything whatsoever. I don't know about you, but it's hitting me hard right now, with 5 days left of school and numerous projects not yet completed. So lets remind ourselves why we like physics, shall we? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Zf1f3-JYs Because physics is everywhere, and it can be funny! But most importantly, because it tells us how much peter griffin weighs.
  10. In summary, essentially the sky appears dark to us because the universe is expanding. When the stars we look at are farther away, they're moving away from us faster. The faster the star moves away, the more red they appear. After they reach a certain distance away from us, the stars become infrared. Essentially the sun is the only star close enough to us to emit on the visible spectrum and diffuse through the atmosphere. I thought this was very interesting. With a background in physics, a lot of questions tend to pop up that someone without such a background would take for granted. The sky
  11. Launch Time: 10:55am Team Members Present: Members Kaila and Sarah were present for the launch. Elizabeth was unable to attend do to tragic miscommunication (apparently “launch” looks like “brunch…” evidently she viewed the launch via televised recording at Uncle Danny’s). Play-by-Play: -Set engines to full throttle. Take deep breath. GO! -Panic as the rocket begins to lean far too much. Remember you’re not stupid and turn on the ASAS -As the launch proceeds, be sure to monitor the heating. DON’T PANIC WHEN OVERHEATING BEGINS. Simply turn down the engine throttle to %75 capacity -When
  12. Excuse the atrocious type. ***originally!
  13. To be completely honest, I've always been pretty curious as to what string theory is and how it is supposed to work (and not just because of Sheldon Cooper). Origionally I was completely off as to what I thought it was all about. My previous notion was that string theory strung together the four fundamental forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak), showing how they can interact. This actually has very little to do with string theory. String theory is more about the structure of matter as we know it. When considering electrons, most consider them to be microscopic points
  14. I don't know about you, but I'm always interested in quirky little facts that can be used to go up to someone smarter than you and say "hey, I know something you don't know!" So to aid you all in this admirable endeavor, watch this video!
  15. For some of us, taking the lovely AP-C Physics course was simply to have that shiny passing grade to rub in the face of colleges and use to squeeze out some money from them--a "hey look I'm s-m-r-t!" badge if you will. Nearly everyone in the class thought about it economically when considering taking it; taking it in highschool is FAR cheaper than in college, and allows more focus on new materials, maybe it'll draw some scholarships, help get a job ect. But physics goes beyond that. Here's a list of some majors requiring a noteworthy amount of physics: Acoustics Aeronautical Engineer Agri
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