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  1. Relahi


    There is a trick guitar players use where they lightly tap a fret while plucking the string and making a high pitched noise. This is commonly called "playing harmonics". However even without any fancy tricks, a guitar player is playing harmonics. In order to understand this we need to know some basic physics on waves. When someone plucks the lowest string on a guitar, you hear an E. You may think you are hearing just that one sound, but really you are hearing multiple harmonics and overtones combining to make that note and pitch. The dominating sound is the fundamental, this is the pitch we c
  2. i never would have known how much physics was involved with kayaking!
  3. Kites are fun, but I have never thought about how they work from a physics perspective!
  4. How is it that when Micheal Phelps swims the butterfly he can glide effortlessly through the water and somehow resembles the mammal for which the stroke is named? Well it may not seem so, but Phelps is a physicist. He has perfected the stokes so that he is working with the laws of physics and mechanics, reducing drag, minimizing his surface area and maximizing his force against the water. The butterfly is arguably the most difficult swimming stroke. The swimmer throws both arms above his or her head and propells their body with a powerful dolphin kick. The main objective is to produce a lot o
  5. The art of pottery requires a lot of patience, focus and a high tolerance for getting messy. Having a grasp on some basic physics concepts can also be a big help. The wheel spins as a result of centripetal acceleration. The diameter of the wheel and the velocity of the wheel (controlled by the potter) determine the wheel's centripetal acceleration (a=v2/r). The lump of clay is subject to centrifugal force (the tendency for an object to fly outwards on a circular path) because of the wheel's centripetal, or center seeking force. Thusm the clay's natural tenency is to fly off the wheel (n
  6. Relahi

    Physics of Music

    Its so cool that music follows so many principals of physics.
  7. It's interesting that the sky only appears blue to the observer because of optics.
  8. Relahi

    Double Rainbow!

    I'm sure we all remember the poplular Youtube hit where the hiker becomes completely overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of a "double rainbow all the way across the sky." So, maybe his reaction was slightly over dramatic, but the science behind the phenomenon is pretty exciting. Try to contain yourselves though. In order for a rainbow to form, there are a couplel conditions: there must be a lot of moisture in the air and the sun must be behind us. Sunlight is white and is made up of the combination of frequencies from the colors in the visible light spectrum . When the sunlight hit
  9. Physics students in Mr. Fullerton's class conducted an experiment determine the acceleration due to gravity in a free falling object. The students ran through several trials utilizing a ball dropped from a controlled distance, 2 meters, and used a timing device to record the dropped ball's velocity. The students then calculated the average time, finding it to be .563 seconds. With this information in mind the studnets were able to calculate the acceleration due to gravity. Here is the table of variables the students utilized to find the acceleration: Vi = 0 m/s Vf = Not needed A = ? T= .
  10. hi moose. yay cross country!
  11. Relahi


    very cool that you like going on walks, they can be so relaxing and nice.
  12. Hi I'm Roxy and I'm a senior. I run cross country and do art (clay sculpture and pen are my favorites). This summer I took a nap almost every day, watched the first 5 seasons of The Office, and spent alot of my time lifegaurding here at the IHS pool. I like food and nice people and good music among other things obviously but those are the essentials. Honestly I'm not looking forward to senior year too much but am excited for what lies ahead after high school. I decided to take phyisics because I was told by many that it's an interesting class and is helpful when applying to college. Its goo
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