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  1. Im not trying to be mean but most of the states you mentioned are not far away from New York and neither is Boston. Im just saying. Your welcome by the way.
  2. I didnt know you wanted to be a lawyer. :glee:
  3. Hi my name is Paul. Im a senior in physics. Im pretty excited to be a senior because I know im going to college next year and move out. My sister just started her freshman year at MCC which means I get yelled at daily by my parents. I like hanging out with my friends when im not in school but during the week my number one priority is school. I want to be a police officer for the Rochester Police Department and physics wont help me at all so i dont really know why im taking this class. Mr. Fullerton is very funny but also serious at having students do very well is class. im going to try my best the whole year and pass the final. That is all.
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