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  1. Our balls velocity had a 30.5% percent error, which makes our resuslts very unreliable. There could have been many reasons why our percent error was so high, disregarding human error. With such a short distance of 2m, the stop watch could have been started or stopped to early or too late, this messes up our times. No one has super sharp reflexes so timing really negatively affected our experiment. The position of the ball as it was dropped was also an issue because there was no way of knowing that each time the ball was dropped it was in the same position as in the other trials. if we could re design this experiment we would use better technology like in Myth Busters with the hgh tech high speed cameras, we would also take better measurements of where the ball is placed so all of these things can be constant.

  2. Young physicists at Irondequoit High School have calcuated the acceleration due to gravity. They used kinematic equations to determine the acceleration due to gravitty using a tape measure, a ball and a stop watch. During the first method, the students measured how long the jumper was in the air with a stop watch. The students took three trials and found the average in seconds. Then, they used their kinematic equations to find the displacement. With these two particular students, using the stop watch their displacement calculated out to be .36cm and .22cm. During the next method, the students needed to measure the change in their reach using a tape measure or a meter stick. The students stuck tape on the wall, jumped three times, and calculated the difference using a meter stick. With these two particular students, the distance the jumped calculated to be 33cm, and 40cm. Using percent error, which is your value, minues the accepted value divided by the accepted value, all multiplied by 100, the students concluded that one had a 9.1% percent error and the other had a 45% percent error. Although one student had more error than the other, they both were successful determining different ways to calculate acceleration.

  3. My name is Jasmine. I'm so excited to finally be an upperclassman in the high school. I really love psychology and biology. I'm pretty good at math too, oh and I'm bilingual. I love music and hanging out with friends. I'm not big into sports, but I love shopping and swimming. I used to run track for the high school but I finally decided it wasn't for me, so now my head is always drowned in books. My family is full of police officers, however, I don't plan on pursuing a job in criminal justice. I'm not really sure what I want to do when I get older or what college I want to go to. This year I'm really excited that I get to explore different interests until I find something perfect for me.

    I decided to enroll myself in physics because I know its really important that I have 4 years of science. Since I'm ahead, now I can have 5. Science is one of my strong subjects and usually I really seem to enjoy it. My brother told me it was a good idea to take it, he enjoyed it way more than chemistry. This year I hope to lern about space and gravity, and anything else that consists of physics because honestly I don't even know what it is. Leaving the classroom I hope to have a better understanding of the topic, and hopefully a new found love for it as well.

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