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  1. When light is hitting you it is actually waves or particles of matter. This is because light is matter and light is waves. Young's double slit experiment is what can prove light is a wave. He projected light through walls with two narrow slits in them. The result on the wall behind is interference patterns which shows that when the waves of light go through the slits they interfere and cross each other. This also shows diffraction which is the bending of waves around obstacles or spreading of waves when they pass through an opening. Another thing that proves light is a wave is red and blue
  2. sara329

    Time Travel

    Back to the future is such a good movie! Its weird that time travel could actually be possible..good entry!
  3. I'm assuming that many people have been to a concert or obviously heard music before. While listening or being at a live music show people are usually not thinking about all the waves that are hitting them and going into their ears, at least i never do. But once you think about it, it is very weird to realize that sound isn't just sound; it is waves. Sound waves to be exact are longitudinal waves which means the wave consists of compression's and rarefaction's and the vibrations are in the same direction as the waves travel. Sound waves are also known as mechanical waves so they always need
  4. I used to want to sky dive but then i realized how scary it would be! plus now that i know if my parachute didn't work i would hit the ground with 600 newtons i definitely don't want to do it! Also i think it would be really hard to survive if you didn't have a parachute.
  5. sara329

    Space Elevators?

    I would maybe ride it but i would be really scared especially if it went fast! but that would still be a cool thing if it existed!
  6. That picture is really cool! and EYE loved learning about the lenses in the eye...so interesting!
  7. I love star wars! I never thought about the battles in space that way
  8. Recently I watched Lords of Dogtown, and I noticed that surfing has a lot to do with Physics... Kinetic Energy of Waves: Oceanic Waves hold a lot of kinetic energy which is transferred to the surfer as they ride - propelling the surfer forward. This kinetic energy in the waves is dependent on the height of the wave (a.k.a. the amplitude of the wave). The relationship can be written as: Energy = c * Amplitude2 (where c is a constant) Centripetal Force when Carving: Surfers turn sharply when they ride a wave and this is called "carving". Also, the coefficie
  9. Hot air balloons are so cool! i want to ride in one someday! I also always wondered how a hot air balloon works..thanks for explaining it!
  10. Really cool video! Longboarding seems really fun and difficult with all that physics involved!
  11. sara329


    Recently I saw the movie 42 about the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Even though I am not a baseball fan it was still a really good movie. While I was watching i realized how much baseball really has to do with physics. Then when we watched a video in class about baseball relates with physics I was amazed! Baseball involves velocity, force, and projectile motion and many more aspects of physics. Also pitching involves momentum. Basically before the pitcher throws the ball his momentum moves from his legs (the larger parts of his body) up through his fingers (the smaller parts of
  12. You are right about speed increasing when you see something you like!
  13. My friends and I go to Zumba classes three times a week and it is very fun. Like any regular physics student, I am constantly thinking about Mr. Fullerton's lessons during class. As we dance, jump, and move I get to thinking... it must take a lot of energy to move around the way we do. But as we eat healthily and exercise more often, Zumba gets easier and easier... why? Here are some of the equations I will be using to help explain this Zumba Paradox... - KE = (1/2)(mass)(velocity2) - PE = (mass)(g)(height) - Work = Change in Mechanical Energy
  14. i think what you want to do for a career is the coolest thing ever (:
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