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  1. As summer gets closer, the weather gets warmer and everyone itches to get outside. One of my personal favorite things to do on those hot summer days is to go swimming! So many people enjoy it and it is something that they do all the time, but the majority of people don't stop to think about all of the physics that is involved in it. And there is a lot! First, the most obvious is the difference in gravity. When you are just walking around normally, you stay on the ground. You never begin to float towards the sky because of the force of gravity on earth. The force of gravity is 9.81m/s^2
  2. Very interesting! Cool topic
  3. that's so cool! great post
  4. That's so cool! Awesome post
  5. mgiamartino

    physics of golf

    Great post! The pictures really helped
  6. As summer approaches, people get more and more anxious to finish up with their classes and school work. They want to get out of the hot, sticky schools and get out into the sunny fresh air. I know I do! Going to amusement parks like Seabreeze or Darien Lake is a great way to pass the time and have fun too. Although you may not realize it, many of the rides there have a lot to do with physics! One of the most popular rides are roller coasters and that involves tons of physics. First, there is a lot of potential and energy that is stored and used. There is a chain that is used to pull up t
  7. Wow I never realized how much physics was involved in PCX! Next time ill definitely think of all this information when I go with my team, great job
  8. Great post! Loved all of the detail, good job
  9. As a kid one of my favorite past times during the summer was jumping rope. My sister and I would love to go out with the kids from our neighborhood and do this for hours on end; we even knew all of the silly rimes that people sang! Little did we know, there was a great deal of physics that is involved in this activity. First, when jumping rope, one has to jump up and down to hop over the rope and this is because of gravity. The force of gravity lets the jumper come back to the ground after they leave it to jump the rope. If you wanted, you would even be able to calculate the distance fro
  10. This is good information to know! I hope that I can avoid this happening to me
  11. Loved the diagrams, they were very helpful! Ive always wanted to learn how to sail
  12. Although you may not realize it, there is physics in everything you do! It is especially apparent in activities like sports, including softball. The majority of the time, this physics has to do with momentum with the hitting as well as fielding. First, when fielding the player must be able to judge the rate at which the ball is coming towards them. By seeing the distance, realizing how high and at which angle the ball was a hit at, they are able to do that. This helps them decide whether to run in on the ball or back up so they can catch it. Once the fielder has the ball in their glove,
  13. mgiamartino

    Bowling Physics

    I liked how you explained how friction and potential energy have to do with bowling, good job!
  14. Great job explaining the way the acceleration and velocity fit into playing volleyball, I liked the video you added too
  15. I have always hated it when my parents came upstairs at night and turned on the hall light while I was trying to sleep. For some reason, the light from the hallway would somehow get into my room while the door was closed and make it brighter. I never knew why the light coming from a small source like from under a door or through a little hole would light up an entire room or look so much bigger and brighter than it originally seemed to be. This was until recently, when we learned about diffraction. Diffraction is defined as the phenomenon that happens when a wave comes across an obstacle
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