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  1. i'm glad my hot tub could be a source of inspiration for you Dave
  2. SO, many people have many different ways to study for the regents physics exam including myself and my friends. First i picked kids from the AP track to help me study for physics because i knew that they would be able to teach me a lot more than if i were studying alone. They did teach me a lot! I drove to pick up Bakari from his house using my car Stanley. Stanley changed potential energy to kinetic energy as it changed gas to moving fuel. I had told Alan, our other study party member, to arrive at two, and i arrived at Bakari's at 1:50. It is safe to say i increased my velocity from th
  3. you know whats messed up?! in Canada people walk on the left side but drive on the right, Aka their physics is all screwed up!
  4. That would probably be because no one can hear you
  5. If you have ever watched me walk down the hallway or walk through gym class or even walk down the street you would notice that I don't walk as much as I frolic. Now some people would call this weird, but I consider it as more exercise and a more fun way to get to places that I need to go. Now tonight on the radio i heard that there is a new fad for exercising called prancercising i believe. This is when you walk you sort of dance instead. I refuse to believe that this idea came from anywhere else than watching your's truly stroll down the street. The switch from potential to kinetic energy
  6. PCX is a workout area that I participate at weekly with my volleyball team. We go on tuesday nights to exercise as a team. I realized while watching videos that i recorded of the exercise's how much physics was applied into each activity. The vertamax that we use for jump training is full of physics. When you use the vertamax you put on a belt with two clips on either side of your hips. You then stand ontop of the vertamax (a square flat surface) and then attach the clips to different color resistance bands. With the vertamax at PCX you can either choose to use it for jump training or leg s
  7. R_EIKE

    cell phones

    iPhone users look at their phones three times the normal phone users? Why would you believe this to be true if there are other smart phones being used as well?
  8. If you have ever watched TV in the late 90's gaunteed you saw the commercial about the little boy asking the Owl how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. This has boggled my mind since those commercials aired however everytime I get a hold of a tasty tootsie I forget about my questioning and enjoy the treat. I made it a goal this year to stay focused and perservere untill I came up with the answer to this lifechanging question! I began my expirement on the 20th of April. With a rasberry tootsie pop in hand and a group of friends behind me I began to attempt the impos
  9. So even when you are deeply asleep you will not wet the bed with your hand in a bowl of water? That is nice to hear!
  10. Yes that does pose a problem Monty, however The down official always mimicks the up official anyways so if the up official blows his/her whistle then the down official can right after it and it would be able to assit the players in noticing when the play stops.
  11. Do you predict in the future when we do have this technology that people will be selling Iron Man Suits, or similar like ways to fly?
  12. Soo are you saying that if we were to find enough energy we could travel through space?
  13. This is a good point. With this in mind, the down Reff should then be allowed to whistle with the up Reff when the point is awarded.
  14. Yesterday was Regionals for my club team and as I was shuffling around in the back of the court i realized just how much Physics plays part in a volleyball game. To begin any play in Volleyball one of the teams must serve the ball over the net to the opposite side. With the higher levels of volleyball this always means a jump serve. Whether it is a top spin serve or a floating jump serve the player throws the ball up and jumps to go swing at it. The momentum that is created by the approach towards the ball causes the player to accelerate their arm swing and get the ball to travel the 30 feet a
  15. So the Ooz that we create in 6th grade is the same materials used to create bullet proof glass?
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