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  1. i'm glad my hot tub could be a source of inspiration for you Dave
  2. SO, many people have many different ways to study for the regents physics exam including myself and my friends. First i picked kids from the AP track to help me study for physics because i knew that they would be able to teach me a lot more than if i were studying alone. They did teach me a lot! I drove to pick up Bakari from his house using my car Stanley. Stanley changed potential energy to kinetic energy as it changed gas to moving fuel. I had told Alan, our other study party member, to arrive at two, and i arrived at Bakari's at 1:50. It is safe to say i increased my velocity from the trip to his house to the trip back home. I accelerated uniformly until Bakari told me that i could just use the cruise control. My cruise control turned on and would not turn off until i tapped on the break. This instantly reminded me of the law that an object will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, this outside force being my foot on the break. After running into many red lights we turned onto the bridge which had a different road surface than the street. This caused greater frictional force against the car which made my acceleration increase so that i could get past the high coefficient of friction. When we finally arrived at my house we had to put the top back up on my convertible. This was physics in itself as well. The button i pressed used mechanical energy to get the top closed so we could go inside and study. Of course studying with boys they wanted to listen to music. This music would produce sound waves from my computer and into the awaiting ear drums of us studiers. What they didn't know is my sister was down in the basement practicing for her singing jury. Before we could turn on our music we had to figure out how to block out Taylors music. The sound waves were traveling from the basement up to the living room by using diffraction. Her sound waves went from her, across the basement, around the corner, up the stairs, around another corner and into our ears. Very impressive! Quickly enough the boys grew hungry. I, being the lovely hostess, offered them chicken wing dip. I had to warm it up first in the microwave. These waves created heat and energy to make the chicken wing dip at a good temperature for eating. The mechanical energy of the boys chewing was only accompanied by a refreshing drink. Both boys wanted straws to drink their beverages with. The straws in the can was immediately refracted so we couldn't tell where it was in the liquid. The door opened, my door consisting of potential energy turned to kinetic as Sam entered my house. He ran in, pushed me to the ground and sat on me. his momentum before equaled his momentum afterwards as he tickled me until i got up an hid behind Alan. I couldn't replicate his force by any means because my mass was much less than his however i could remove the attraction between us by moving away from him. Our distance increased which created a smaller force of gravity between us. Alan quickly helped change the subject by swinging his iPod around and around on the wire. Bakari and I were quick to analyze this as having centripetal acceleration moving toward Alan's hand that was spinning the wire. We said that it had a uniform velocity and if we had a timer on our hands or a ruler we would be able to figure out the acceleration. Sam also assisted us with this experiment as he swung his keys in a circle around his hand. He however experimented with the idea that if you were to cut the string the velocity would shoot outside of the circle. He unexpectedly let go of his keys allowing us to see which way the velocity was being allowed to go. The keys shot from his hand and into the wall behind him. All too soon the boys had to leave, however Its safe to say that although they didn't realize it, these boys helped me a lot more than they thought they would.
  3. you know whats messed up?! in Canada people walk on the left side but drive on the right, Aka their physics is all screwed up!
  4. That would probably be because no one can hear you
  5. If you have ever watched me walk down the hallway or walk through gym class or even walk down the street you would notice that I don't walk as much as I frolic. Now some people would call this weird, but I consider it as more exercise and a more fun way to get to places that I need to go. Now tonight on the radio i heard that there is a new fad for exercising called prancercising i believe. This is when you walk you sort of dance instead. I refuse to believe that this idea came from anywhere else than watching your's truly stroll down the street. The switch from potential to kinetic energy is present in all walking however it expands when frolicking. With this greater burst in energy being produced, it is obvious that frolicking is more active than walking. It is more of a work out meaning that eventually you will burn more calories from frolicking rather than merely walking. Frolicking has a higher velocity than walking. This is because while frolicking your adrenaline is pumping and making you want to move faster and more be more creative. With a higher velocity the distance traveled over time is greater! A small walk in between classes is done faster, more efficiently, and with greater fines. The only thing that should possibly go against frolicking is gravity. Gravity is always bringing me down when i decide to frolic. I tend to jump about when i frolic and gravity makes it much harder. The force that is acting down upon me is greater than my mass. However the force acted upon me by the ground when i land is the same as the force that i am pushing into the ground. With frolicking also, Newton's 1st law applies. An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. The outside force for me would be people whom i run into while frolicking, or walls that i may run into. When i frolic i would prefer this law not to be true just so i could continue on forever uninterrupted. I challenge you now to go ahead and frolic through your last few days of the school year! It's more fun, supplies you with a greater velocity, gives you a better work out against gravity,and it looks a lot cooler than walking!
  6. PCX is a workout area that I participate at weekly with my volleyball team. We go on tuesday nights to exercise as a team. I realized while watching videos that i recorded of the exercise's how much physics was applied into each activity. The vertamax that we use for jump training is full of physics. When you use the vertamax you put on a belt with two clips on either side of your hips. You then stand ontop of the vertamax (a square flat surface) and then attach the clips to different color resistance bands. With the vertamax at PCX you can either choose to use it for jump training or leg strength by making the bands go parallel to the floor instead of perpendicular. Once cliped into the machine we are told to jump and go for maximun height. The force of the resistance bands pulls us toward the ground and makes us work harder to get higher into the air. Once we are done useing the clips we unclip the bands and then jump without resistance and analyze the height difference. The jacobs ladder is another machine that we utalize on a weekly basis. Similar to the vertamax you belt yourself into this machine and then "climb the ladder." You can control the speed of the machine with how much force you put into it. If you are working hard and pushing yourself and the machine then the output on the machine will mirror your work and move faster to challenge you. The machine is inclined at a angle so as to simulate climbing up a ladder type object The angle that it is inclined to makes it more difficult to climb. The Pull up bar is also full of physics. With three reps of eight pull ups my team is challenged to bring their entire bodies up into the air transitioning from potential energy into kinetic. We are given band to put our feet into for extra support. The rubberband like bands expand and retract to help differ our weight. The sled is yet another item that we use to work out. Notice this is not your typical snow sled. This sled is a black device that you put weights on inorder to work your legs and arms. Having the sled on the turf surface creates more surface tention and therefore more work to be done by my teamates. There are two different holds that we can choose from when using the sled. The two different holds are all about angles. The higher of the two is easier because you are able to use the machine against itself to push it across the turf. The lower of the holds means that the players body is parallel to the ground and very close to it. The force that it takes to push your legs and arms together to get the seld across the turf is increased from the higher angle hold. Basically every tuesday i have extra amounts of physics added to my day!
  7. R_EIKE

    cell phones

    iPhone users look at their phones three times the normal phone users? Why would you believe this to be true if there are other smart phones being used as well?
  8. If you have ever watched TV in the late 90's gaunteed you saw the commercial about the little boy asking the Owl how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. This has boggled my mind since those commercials aired however everytime I get a hold of a tasty tootsie I forget about my questioning and enjoy the treat. I made it a goal this year to stay focused and perservere untill I came up with the answer to this lifechanging question! I began my expirement on the 20th of April. With a rasberry tootsie pop in hand and a group of friends behind me I began to attempt the impossible. I had called in reinforcements just in case my old habbits returned and prevented me from following my accomplishing my goal. My Girl Scout troop was glad to help me live this dream. We each had a tootsie pop and general rules for the licking processs. Each lick would count as one lick, and if you were to slip up and put the entire lolipop in your mouth at once then it must be counted as two licks. Immediatly different strategies emerged. My leader was using the two lick process to go quicker, writing down her tally at each interval of 20 so as not to forget. Jillian quickly lost track of the number she was on and went straight into the pacifer method of simly sucking on a lolipop. Lia, got halfway until she lost count as well and went into the pacifier mode. I was at 1020 licks before i had to take my lollipop and head home. It wasn't until I was home did I begin thinking about all of the variables that go into this experiment. Many people have done this before me and have gotten numbers from anywhere to 432 to 1600. This means that there are some hidden factors that go into this experiment. After thinking about it for sometime I came up with ALOT of hidden variables. First off, the size of the tongue of the participant. If you have a bigger tongue than that of the next person who does the experiment then that would throw off dissolving rates of the candy. Than there is the length of time that the lick takes as it slides down the candy. And of course the edge that the tootsie pops have on them, if it is a better idea to spend equal time licking the edge especially or if its better to lick the edge longer than the regular sides. There is also the problem of the tootsie roll itself in the middle; a lot of the tootsie rolls are unevenly spread out inside of the candy. When should the experimenter stop counting, when they get to an exposed form of the tootsie roll or in the dead center where all of the candy has been dissolved. Another variable would be if you put your tongue back in your mouth after each lick, or not. The difference of moisture and surface temperature would affect the rate of the dissolving. I am pressed to wonder if the flavors have a different make up as well, if the color pigments would cause a difference in data gathering. With all of these variables its difficult to think if they are dependent or independent of each other. My lollipop experiment is still in progress as I type this blog report, but after I finnish tallying and dissolving all of the candy from my lollipop i will make a comment about how many licks it took me.
  9. So even when you are deeply asleep you will not wet the bed with your hand in a bowl of water? That is nice to hear!
  10. Yes that does pose a problem Monty, however The down official always mimicks the up official anyways so if the up official blows his/her whistle then the down official can right after it and it would be able to assit the players in noticing when the play stops.
  11. Do you predict in the future when we do have this technology that people will be selling Iron Man Suits, or similar like ways to fly?
  12. Soo are you saying that if we were to find enough energy we could travel through space?
  13. This is a good point. With this in mind, the down Reff should then be allowed to whistle with the up Reff when the point is awarded.
  14. Yesterday was Regionals for my club team and as I was shuffling around in the back of the court i realized just how much Physics plays part in a volleyball game. To begin any play in Volleyball one of the teams must serve the ball over the net to the opposite side. With the higher levels of volleyball this always means a jump serve. Whether it is a top spin serve or a floating jump serve the player throws the ball up and jumps to go swing at it. The momentum that is created by the approach towards the ball causes the player to accelerate their arm swing and get the ball to travel the 30 feet across the net to the other team. According to Newtons 1st law an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. The outside force for a serve would be air resistance. Although there is much more air resistance when one would play beach volleyball, on a court in a gym there is also air resistance. The next step for the team once the ball is served at them is to pass it to their setter. The back row players need to line themselves up with their shoulders squared to the ball and with their arm platform at the correct angle to get the ball up and to the front right of the court. When the passer pass's they get low to the ground and simply stick their arms out to retrieve it. They do not swing their arms in any way shape or form when passing a volleyball. The best technique is to have the ball's momentum from the serve be absorbed into the arms of the passer, thereby decreasing the momentum as it travels to the setter where it will be in a much more controlled setting. The setter then takes the ball from the air and pushes it towards the hitter. The setters use their legs to add force behind their arms. The more force they have behind the ball the more likely that the ball will travel all the way to the pin, or it will be a quick set to a middle or a pin hitter and the blockers on the other side will not know what happened. The swing hitter takes an approach, and uses all of the power in their legs to turn potential energy into kinetic as they jump up into the air, throwing up both arms in the process of finding the ball and gaining height on the ball. With a fast arm swing, and a snap of the wrist the ball is then propelled through the air and will hit the ground, there by stopping the play. When the Referee sees that the ball did in fact hit the ground and was not "pancaked" by the opposing team they will blow their whistle and award the point. The sound waves from the whistle are refracted around each player until they end up registering in the ear drums of each teammate and the play stops. The setter is usually the last one to stop playing because they constantly have their back to the Referee, simply because of the way the court is set up. This leads me to wonder if it would be more productive of them to have the up officials on the opposite side so the sound waves from their whistles are able to reach the setters easier, being that the setters truly control the game. What do you think? Should the referee stand be on the other side?
  15. So the Ooz that we create in 6th grade is the same materials used to create bullet proof glass?
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