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  1. Casey Chase, Taylor Crocetti, Anny Shapiro, Jay Gilbert,Jake Dourghty 1. In this lab, we had to determine the averagespeed of each car passing by. We decidedto use distance and time so we could see the final speed compared to the 15.6m/s speed limit. 2. Ours steps to measure speed: a. Find a distance of 20 meters by using a tapemeasure b. Designate one person to stand on one end of thetape and another on the other end c. Assign one person to take time and another torecord car info. d. One person would signal the passing e. Start the clock f. Other person signals car crossing next point g. Stop the clock h. Record the time i. Find the speed by dividing distance by time andcomparing it to the regular speed limit j. Average the final speed that the cars traveled 3.
  2. i love the icon choice!
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    Gotta reply to two people so, hey riley!
  4. i lol'd and that's all i wanted to say but it said my post has to be at least 10 characters so here we goooo
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    Sooo, my name's Taylor. I play volleyball year round. My favorite thing to do, ever, is tubing. I am interested in psychology and the human mind so I'd love to be a criminal psychologist or hostage negotiator when I'm older. I like cats and I'm a vegetarian and that's basically all about me. I'm taking Physics first off because it was the next course to take and it's definitely better than any other science, I'm thinking. I'm excited to finally learn something different in science and I also want my advanced regents diploma.

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