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  1. Everyone knows what a sword is, whether it be a katana, claymore, or even the famed Excalibur of Arthurian tales. Sure when you swing a sword it cuts, but what about the sound it makes? This came to mind as I thought of one of my favorite movies, The Last Samurai. At first I related it to the sounds produced by whips or arrows, but I wanted to look into the matter to find out what is really behind the cause of a sword's sound. To go with the theme from The Last Samurai, I researched a lot about the ideas the Japanese associate with their swords. in Japan in order to have a proper so
  2. after reading this, all I can say is BURR!
  3. 11/10 already and all i've read was the title.
  4. what would be a bee's eyeview in the trap?
  5. People who know me, tend to know of my "obsession" with shoes. Sure I own a couple pairs (13+?), who doesn't like to buy shoes? Shoes can be a perfect representation of your personality. I take this idea to heart, and have my shoes say for me what I don't need to. But with such a pair of shoes, one must protect them, correct? Recently I ordered a pair of Supra TK Societys, one of my favorite shoes. Now, the black heel cover and Velcro straps are crafted using suede, a light leather with a napped finish. While a lovely material, this material has no reason existing where I live normally, as
  6. Yo I'm Maximillian and I'm a junior currently. Physics is sick. Some of my interests include being a radio DJ for my high school's radio station WIRQ, one of the oldest, or possibly the oldest high school radio station in existence. I also do DJing through WIRQ for WBER which is a larger radio station that broadcasts all over the world. Also I attend lots of concerts and meet musicians from all over the country. I am taking physics this year because it is the next step after chemistry, and a lot of concepts in physics are really interesting to me. One that comes to mind is the physics appl
  8. What's goooood Washington. Osaka University would a cool place to study at, my grandfather lives in Okinawa
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