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  1. Physics is in dodgeball no matter what you may think. There is kinematics along with work and energy. This is almost all in the throw of the dodgeball and how you hard and fast you can throw the dodgeball. The energy is used for the ball through the air. if you throw the ball it has a certain kinetic energy as it flies towards its target. The energy of this is based on how fast you can get the ball with the initial velocity and the kinetic will remain the same if you neglect air resistance. the work is shown through how much you move your arm and how far the ball has to fly. the ball
  2. gravity makes thing more fun because without danger you can't have fun
  3. physics doesn't like the lightsabers apparently but plasma can be made so we're almost there
  4. Dart throwing uses physics to get the dart to the bullseye and get the highest score possible or if you are playing different dart related games to get the numbers that you need. Throwing darts uses different parts of physics to have the dart hit the target in the area that you want it to. Projectiles and energy to have the dart move through the air and to the target. http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRkg2zI4qLuZQhKx--Y_UdKk5MaKRGFgmx59CgycvZwAWUIGoRImw The darts are a projectile because they are thrown at an angle and you need to find the best angle with the correct initial veloc
  5. great physics in showing how everything has to do with the movement of the ball
  6. Good post i learned why racing skis are the way they are
  7. Diving uses physics because it is all about the movement of the diving board and person. The diving board and the person each have different physics uses but they work in harmony to get the 'job' done. Diving uses so much physics and we have explored each section of the physics. The board uses physics by giving off energy. The potential and kinetic energy work together to fling the person into the air and give the maximum height so the person can do what dive he/she is doing. The energy is transferred from the person as they jump from the board and land on it again. The person is then pushe
  8. In physics class at Irondequoit High School Students did a lab to show gravity close to the earth’s surface. The students showed that the gravity is approximately 9.73m/s^2. This is a .82% error compared to other research. The students found this out by dropping a ball and timing how long it took for the ball to hit the ground from two meters. As the group of three dropped and timed the ball they recorded the results of the three trials they did. Using the time, distance and initial velocity they found out the acceleration for each time. The group used the kinematics equation ‘d = vit + (1/2)
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