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    nice job, seems like you really got this concept down. Physics really is demonstrated in Lacrosse like wow! YAY CAITLIN!
  2. What's better.....being faster or being slower? Obviously faster. Have you ever wondered why some people are faster than others though? Are there trends? To understand the basics physics of running, you can think of your arms as pendulums. A pendulums velocity depends on the length of the pendulum, not the mass of the bottom. If the pendulum is shorter, the speed of the mass at the bottom is faster. Your mass at the end of the pendulum you can think of as your feet. Then proceed to assume that your legs are the pendulums. In order to shorten the pendulum...you have to bend your knees
  3. Im writing in red because I completley agree with this! Physics is everywhere! #BallIsLife
  4. Wow this is helpful. Ive always wondered myself since im not a lacrosse player but this really helps me understand more!
  5. It was a cold day outside. Probabaly somewhere around 40 degrees farenheit out on the field. All bundled up, we were taking batting practice. When my turn came up I knew I had to work on something, I was 1 for my last 5 in game at bats and that, in baseball, is considered poor. I knew that to turn something around at the plate, I needed to fix my swing for the better and whenever you fix something in the sport of baseball, physics will always somehow be incorporated. While taking batting practice, I knew something was wrong and needed to be fixed. When taking my swings something felt
  6. Procedure: 1.) we fist gathered our materials, stop watch, meterstick and ball 2.) we timed the ball dropping a meter from the surface of the floor 3 times 3.) we used average of the times to then use in our kinematic equations to find acceleration do to gravity. 4.) Then we calculated our percent error from the actual acceleration do to gravity. Procedure for secoond mini lab: 1.) We calculated height of our jumping abilities. 2.) We then used our time and equations of kinematics to get a calculated height. 3.) Finally we compared our calculated heights to our actual and dtermined our per
  7. My name is Brenden and i am 15 years old. I am a junior at WIHS and I am taking physics because the class is SICK. I mean Mr. Fullerton is a great teacher, and i cant wait to learn about all this physics stuff. This year in physics i hope to learn about stuff that deals with physics because then i will know Mr. Fullerton is teaching us the write stuff. :star::eagerness::frog::gorilla:
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