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    What's better.....being faster or being slower? Obviously faster. Have you ever wondered why some people are faster than others though? Are there trends?

    To understand the basics physics of running, you can think of your arms as pendulums. A pendulums velocity depends on the length of the pendulum, not the mass of the bottom. If the pendulum is shorter, the speed of the mass at the bottom is faster. Your mass at the end of the pendulum you can think of as your feet. Then proceed to assume that your legs are the pendulums. In order to shorten the pendulum...you have to bend your knees. Obviously you cannot run well with your knees locked, but you will run faster if your knees are bent.

    You can also think of your arms as a second type of pendulum. If you bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and swim them in stride with your legs, you will then proceed to run even faster.
  2. BGoebert
    It was a cold day outside. Probabaly somewhere around 40 degrees farenheit out on the field. All bundled up, we were taking batting practice. When my turn came up I knew I had to work on something, I was 1 for my last 5 in game at bats and that, in baseball, is considered poor. I knew that to turn something around at the plate, I needed to fix my swing for the better and whenever you fix something in the sport of baseball, physics will always somehow be incorporated.

    While taking batting practice, I knew something was wrong and needed to be fixed. When taking my swings something felt off. My swing was way to early, it takes .55 seconds for an 80 mile per hour fastball to get to the batter. I was swinging well before this and i needed to figure out why. Then, after a short while I began taking notice of how close my hands were level to the ground. My hands wrapped around the bat were approximatley 45 degrees from my back shoulder. This was far to close. The smaller angle you have your hands to your back shoulder the quicker your swing will be and the less time you have to make contact between bat and ball. So, in saying this, I tried raising my hands.

    I raised my hands to about a 120 degree angle between my hands wrapped around the bat and my back shoulder. In doing this, you create more distance for the bat to cover before your full swing is complete. Having done this, your hands take longer to get through the strike zone, and the more time you have to make direct contact between the baseball bat and the ball.

    The next game...I was 3 for 3. Call me Einstein.

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