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  1. Good thing we learned a lot of the physics of sound waves last year. I understand what you are saying and the arrangement of the orchestra now makes perfect sense.
  2. Haha unfortunately most of my "4th of July"incidents were with kerbals
  3. I have always wanted to try surfing! I will come out to Cali to visit you and we will go to the beach!
  4. Haha if i were to grow my hair out it would be outrageously curly too! maybe I should do that too!
  5. Everything completely and utterly true!
  6. Mr. Fullerton is the man. And you are quite the model student yourself
  7. Haha nice blog post man! very analytical and very true
  8. bdavis

    The last...

    Yea i agree! this was a challenging class but very rewarding in developing good habits and showing what habits we need to fix/break
  9. Very true. The text book and independent unit work are very important work. and you helped your friends a lot
  10. Our year has come to an end. College is in the near future and rapidly approaching with each passing hour. At the beginning of the year, I walked into physics c excited but not really sure what to expect nor was I sure how difficult the material would be. As the year progressed, I realized that the tests were hard and I needed to study harder than I ever needed to before. After I failed two out of the first four tests, I was motivated to do well on the next one. The first rotational exam came and I got the highest grade in the class. I proved to myself and my classmates that I could exce
  11. bdavis


    We just recently finished a game in calculus. We called the game “tag” but it really was a game of assassin where we could get people out by shooting them with water guns. We had to be very stealthy because no one was supposed to know about it. To keep up with the stealthy behavior, shooting long range squirt guns would have been really effective to get people out without them realizing what hit them. In the beginning of the year we conducted a lab with q-tips and plastic straws. That lab demonstrated the concept of velocity and the relationship between displacement and acceleration. If
  12. Yesterday in class we learned about Einstien’s theory of relativity and time travel. Our physics teacher explained to us how traveling in space or being on another planet can alter the amount of time you feel and your body experiences. If someone is in Space for 70 earth years, their body doesn’t age those 70 earth years if they are far enough away from the Earth’s atomsphere. We also learned about how the speed of light is the fastest speed that can be achieved in the universe: 2.998 x 108 m/s. We discussed how no object in the universe can attain that speed because as an object moves fas
  13. Now it may seem like I am running out of ideas but planting a flower incorporates an important physics concept. When removing a flower from its packaging, a proper amount of force must be applied. If too much force is applied when removing a flower from its packaging, then it will therefore accelerate too much and the roots at the bottom of the package will separate, killing the innocent flower. When actually planting the flower, after digging an appropriate sized hole, you don’t need to shove it into the ground. By gently placing the flower into the subsequent hole and covering the surfa
  14. In light of the end of school, I want to review how my 4th quarter has been. My third quarter was slightly less than stellar taking into account my previous accomplishments and I feel like that was the “swift kick in the a**” that I needed to get right back on track. From then on in the 4th quarter, I turned things around, studied hard for my AP classes and did well on my exams. After that I focused on my other non- AP classes and increased my grades considerably. In physics, we started the Kerbal Space Program and that was a lot of fun but at the same time it was educational. We got to
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