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  1. interesting of the circumstances regarding black holes and white holes
  2. good review of skills and knowledge
  3. Working out is the act of building mucsle and exercising your body. In preforming acts of runnig lifting or endurance, you engage in a variety of physics topics including friction, resistence, energy, forces and momentum. For working out, the act of building mucsle demonstrates an example of resistance and or friction. When lifting heavy objects or moving in a forceful manor, it requires you to condemn in motion that essentialy tears the musles cause the force required is working out your mucsles and you gain strength when they grow back allowing you to deliver a greater force. In terms of e
  4. NevinO

    physics of golf

    when do you want to gulf again? this weekend?
  5. NevinO

    Space Elevators?

    i never heard of them until now
  6. NevinO

    physics of golf

    how do you keep taking all the good ones that i can relate too? stop it!!!
  7. Bungee jumping is a thrilling, spectacular and mind blowing sport. In terms of physics, it correlates to a variety of diverse properties and topics. Such as energy, momentum, gravity, forces and resistance. In terms of energy, bungee-jumping involves both potential and kinetic energy. As the athlete reaches his altitude, and aproaches the edge, his potential energy is at its maximum peak. as the jumper then takes off, his kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases so the faller now accelerates to the earth and gains velocity while the conserved energy is converted from potential
  8. i forgot about those things, they look so fun
  9. I like doing these blog posts last minute also
  10. NevinO

    Football Physics

    Football is a form of play consisting of a variety of different physics topics within the game. These topics include momentum, energy, forces along with acceleration and projectile motion. In terms of momentum, football requires the biggest fastest and more momentum then your opponents in order to beat through them. With speed and size, these two factors may decide whether you can block a guy or plow through them. Its also conserved from when someone strikes another opponent and then it gets transfered to the other player or ball which then leads to the balls forward velocity. With change in
  11. I like your specifics in relating guitars to are content in class. You were very informative in accurate in your blog post.
  12. NevinO

    Nuclear fusion

    dude this was a cool topic, i liked watching what i could take about the extraordinary universe but i didn't have 44 minutes of time to watch it all.
  13. <p>Longboarding is a particular hobby where a bunch of different physics topics are covered by a simple act that doesnt take much energy by the rider, but can still experience great thrills and excitement. Different keytopics with in this activity include, motion and forces, friction and energy.<br /> Motion and forces are key components of longboarding. The forces in particular enable the motion to take place. The force of gravity acts on the longboard and its rider. The greater the hill (incline) the greater the angle off the horizon and this allows gravity to have more of an ef
  14. Even after understanding the physics of it, Im probably still awful at playing it!
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