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  1. I'm worried about failing the tests too, but like you said it should help motivate us
  2. The force of the tray on the shoulder is equal to the force of stress on the busser's mind.
  3. Another hopefully soon to be astrophysicist! Let's talk space sometime if we have that time with all the work we have to do.
  4. This is a story about my work and physics. I am not telling you where I work, but I just know I am a busser, and I am very good at it. So a few of the people I work with know I love science and math and physics. One of them actually majored in science so we discuss it a lot. I'll call them S. So S was carrying a tray at just the right position where it was almost straight up and down. (Perpendicular to the floor) Someone asked how the heck he can do that and I answered saying that it was static friction and that since the forces on the plate were just so, the plate would not move unless he tilted his hand more. Which he did and it fell and everyone told me I was smart. More will probably come because I work with some really cool people who like to talk about physics with me.
  5. Hello! I am a Physics C student from New York. Aside from physics I enjoy cooking, baking, art, music, traveling and reading. Aside from physics I am taking AP Calculus, AP Economics, AP Biology, German and English. I also play flute in my school's Wind Ensemble. I consider myself pretty good at a lot of things, primarily art and English, and not so good at others, like physics and math. So then why am I here? Well, I love Physics and math. They have always been my favorite subjects even if they aren't my strongest. Also I want to go into astrophysics when I go on to college (and do pre med and go on to med school for trauma surgery or something like that but that's later on) and also, its just so fun. Physics has been a struggle but a fun struggle. I am most excited about being in such a small class this year, and being in one of the hardest classes our school offers. I am anxious about that fact that I am not strong in math yet I am taking a math heavy course. But I am optimistic that I will learn a lot and hopeful that this will strengthen me as a student.
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