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    What is senioritis? As Juniors we all hear about it, we even claim by the end of the year that we have been contaminated by this disease. But not until senior year do we realize that we only had a small touch of this so called senioritis and left untreated over the summer days just worsened these symptoms. Senior year requires more and more responsibility and gives us the most freedom we have experienced in our 16 years. Balancing everything from school to volunteering to sports to college and life it can be over whelming. With all this responsibility doesn’t feel like there is freedom. In sea
  2. What is a rainbow? What makes a Rainbow? Why do we find joy in a rainbow? Well I can only answer a few of these question. Rainbows as we know occur after a it rains and it’s sunny, therefore rainbows must be the effect of diffraction. Diffraction is the change in the wave length when it passes through a barrier. Light waves have to do with rainbows. The sun is known to be white light, the special feature of white light is that it contains all colors meaning white light is an additive color mixture. To determine the visible spectra of light sources we can solve for different wavelengths - Y1=(l
  3. Within the past few weeks I took advantage of the extraordinary opportunity of meeting Brian Greene. This man is highly known in the physics world, he has written multiple books, his best sellers are The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of Cosmos, and The Hidden Reality. Brian is known for his idea of string theory which is explains how “point like particles are replaced by One- Dimension object called strings. String theory then describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.” When I met Brian Greene he was a very humble man who took great appreciation in
  4. AKMcdonald

    Photon Camp

    Over the summer I had the amazing opportunity to attend Photon Camp at the University of Rochester for a week. This camp offered many great experiences and opened my eyes to the possibilities that are offered through the world of physics specifically optics. In a singles week I learned how to make holograms and had the opportunity to do fiber splicing along with working with C02 and Hene lasers and much much more! Along with all this excitement, throughout the week in small groups we had to create a capstone project that we would present. My group of four researched the pros and cons of DSLR v
  5. DIVING: Flip it, Rip it, Win it. That’s the ultimate goal of a diver, but how does this all work, what are the mechanics that create diving? Torque and the Laws of Motion created diving that’s what. To each and every dive there is a routine. And each routine begins with changing the fulcrum. The purpose of the fulcrum is to change the flexibility/bounciness in the board. By moving the fulcrum all the way back the board is at maximum flexibility, this can be explained through the idea of torque. The equation for torque is fdsinθ, given the equation proves that farther back the fulcrum is, the g
  6. Being a senior comes with the honor of cherishing your senior night, the night that every underclassmen can’t wait for. However after being on the varsity swim and dive team for 5 years I decided that I wouldn’t dive for the school, even if it meant not having a senior meet. Instead I decided to sail competively. As with any sport there are techniques to help you improve. The techniques in sailing directly apply to physics. The other day as it was too windy to sail, as a team we had a discussion about the basic these technics. Our conversation began with points of sail and the different veloci
  7. AKMcdonald


    A little information about myself: I have been playing violin since I was 5. Why do I mention this you may ask? Well you see the tone and sound that violin make connected to physics. (wow our world is surrounded by physics) For those who don’t know a violin has four strings and infinite about of sounds it can create. The sound I made when the strings vibrate. This vibration is created by either plucking the strings or by the action of the bow on the string causes the string to undergo a so-called slip-stick motion. These vibrations can be altered by the use of vibrato or the speed or pressure
  8. Hey there, to those actually sitting down and reading this, I apologize, I’m not all that funny, and writing isn’t really my thing: I prefer math and sciences. So… as many other students in AP Physics C this is my first physics blog post (how exciting a place to share nerdiness!) Outside of school I’m also occupied with diving, sailing, violin and lots of homework. This is my second year in physics, last year I enjoyed physics because it was a science that applied math and made me think therefore I had to take another physics class. Plus with my interest in Biomedical Engineering this class wi
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