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  1. How can the height be -ve!? :/ It doesn't make sense...
  2. Data: V0x= 30m/s H1= 2.4 m V0y= 0 X= 12m H2= 0.9m To find: (a) Will the ball clear the net? ( X’= ? Solution: (a) X= V0x t 12=30 t 12/30 = t t= 0.4 s As, H=V0y t + ½ g t2 H= (0)(0.4)+1/2(-9.8)(0.4)2 H= -0.78m -ve sign shows that the height of the ball at the net from the top. Height of the ball at the net and from the ground= H1-H=2.4-0.78=1.62m As 1.62m>0.9m so the ball will clear the net. ( H1= V0y t’ + ½ g t’2 -2.4= (0)t’ + ½ (-9.8) t’2 . . . t’= 0.69s X’=V0x t’ X’=(30)(0.96) X’= 20.7m This is the solution my teacher came up with and honestly I have no idea whats going on? :/
  3. Q:A tennis ball is served horizontally from 2.4m above the ground at 30m/s (a)The net is 12m away and 0.9m high, will the ball clear the net? (b)Where will the ball land? :sorrow:
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