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  1. Kerbal Flight #4 Pre- Flight Briefing Team Name: Jamison Industries LLP Available Funds: $167,464 Vehicle Name: Bird Food Vehicle Parts List and Cost: BACC Solid Booster $3,400 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank $5,750 RE-15 Liquid Fuel Engine $5,300 AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell $2,500 FL-T800 Fuel Tank $800 Probodobodyne OKTO $450 Clampotron Docking Port Jr. $800 TR-18A Stack Decoupler x2 $800 Total Cost: $18,000 Design Goals: Our vehicle is designed to achieve stable orbit around Kerbin and serve as a refueling station for
  2. Launch #3 Post Flight Report Launch Time: 10:35 Team Members Present: AJ and Jake Play-by-Play: The launch procedure was followed with complete accuracy. No surprises Photographs: See Attatched (coming soon) Summary: Stable orbit was achieved, and enough fuel was conserved to safely re-enter the atmosphere and make a safe return back to earth. Opportunities / Learnings: We found a good routine and set of maneuvers that we can use to enter orbit. Also with our rocket design, we can add other components to help complete other milestones. Strategies / Project
  3. Kerbal Flight #3 Pre-Flight Breifing Team Name: Jamison Industries LLP Available Funds: $92,376 Vehicle Name: Dodo III Vehicle Parts List and Cost: MK1 Command Pod $600 MK16 Parachute $422 Heat Shield (1.25m) $300 TR-18A Stack Decoupler x2 $800 FL-T400 Fuel Tank $500 LV-909 Terrier Liquid Fuel Engine $390 FL-T800 Fuel Tank $800 LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine $1100 Total Cost: $4,912 Design Goals: We used multiple stages to make the most efficient rocket possible to achieve stable orbit. Launch Goal: We are hoping to demonst
  4. Kerbal Flight #2 Jamison Industries LLP Team Name: Jamison Industries LLP Available Funds: $64,198 Vehicle Name: Dodo II Vehicle Parts List and Cost: MK1 Command Pod - $ 600 TR- 18A Stack Decoupler - $400 RT- 10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster - $400 MK16 Parachute - $422 Total Cost: $1822 Design Goals: We made a cheap rocket to reach 50km of manned flight. We used a very simple design that will end with the cockpit and parachute splashing down as the only remaining body of the rocket. Launch Goal: We are hoping to maintain stable flight an
  5. Launch Time: 10:50 Team Members Present: Skylor, Jake, AJ Play-by-Play: Rocket lifted off from pad Left straight vertical path earlier than expected and started to level off at a low altitude Utilized manual controls to correct curved flight and cause rocket to become unstable Fuel ran out Rocket entered tumbling upward flight, peaked and started back down to earth Hard splash down, but all crew members were unharmed Photographs: See attatched photographs Time-of-Flight: 7 min 46 sec Summary: Our main goal was to achieve manned flig
  6. Team Name: Jamison Industries LLP Available Funds: $70,000 Vehicle Name: The Dodo I Vehicle Parts List and Cost: · 4x Standard Canard Wing $700 · FL-T800 Fuel Tank $800 · MK1 Command Pod $600 · MK16 Parachute $422 · LV- 909 “Reliant” Liquid Fuel Engine $1100 Total: $5802 Design Goals: Create a small, easily controllable rocket that will safely transport a Kerbal 10km in altitude and then return to earth. Launch Goal: Manned flight at over 10 km Pilot Plan: 1) Launch 2) Direct
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    Physics pf basketball

    will beef fuel the writing of more than 30 blogs for Marcus and Jeremy?? Stay tuned to find out
  8. Well its been real Physics C. Here I am, sitting here, writing my last blog post of high school (and maybe forever). This class has been a huge undertaking, but also something that I am glad I attempted. Although the work has been hard and I am far from even coming close to mastering some of these complex concepts, my time with Physics has been amazing and enlightening. It has opened me up to a totally new way of seeing things, and I cant wait until I can put what I've learned into use while I study to become an Architect. Without a doubt I will be taking Physics in College, but anything
  9. this is THE best title out of every single blog post on this site
  10. Today we were hitting in the field house as part of our practice and I decided to focus on something I always knew happened, but never knew why. Every time a baseball bat rolls, it always does so in a circular fashion. This can be really annoying especially when it gets set down and then all of the sudden it starts randomly rolling off in a circle and depending on speed, always goes in a different path. The more I thought about it, the more I was amazed that it could be explained simply with physics. The bat is essentially a long rod with two ends of different diameters, and therefore, cir
  11. The past few days in Physics, a lot of people have been talking about space, time, dimension and how all three of those things are very fluid in reality. Since the tiny lecture we had on it last week, I have been thinking about the endless possibilities that could arise if these notions become more widely accepted and studied. One thing that really got me interested was the theory of alternate realities. The simple fact that there are endless universes, every one playing out every single possibility of every decision you ever made. For each one of these realities, if they do exist, there mu
  12. Its really interesting to think of the concepts of physics and how zero gravity makes all these relationships so pure
  13. Really fun game I never go to play! Looks really cool
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    it seems simple when you watch it but its cool to see how much one needs to know about every aspect of every club
  15. In spite of the title above, this blog post will NOT be about the unfortunate event in which your trusty spoon just cannot take the weight of all that cereal. This is going to be about my unfortunate brother, Chad, who is affectionately known as Spoonhead (or Spoon for short) due to the fact that his small head bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a spoon. Last night, Chad started in his 22nd Varsity baseball game (hes a sophomore) but only lasted about 3 innings because he went down with an ankle injury running to first on a routine ground ball. Around 10:00 last night, we found out he
  16. Hey still a great blog post don't listen to that man ^ the physics are still pretty cool
  17. HBP- Hit By Pitch is a common abbreviation seen in every stat line in baseball. It is something that looks a lot less painful than it actually is- especially in the majors when some guys just shrug off 90+ mph fastballs. One interesting thing about getting hit by a pitch (which I have some good experience with) is the fact that there really is a wide range of pain associated with the event. There are many factors that effect the pain factor for the batter. Things such as location, pitch type, velocity (obviously) and most importantly, flight of the ball after contact, dictate how bad the e
  18. My brother did drop one at a range once... talk about seeing in slow motion- i thought I was going to lose a leg
  19. A common part of baseball is seen almost every pitch when the catcher moves his glove slightly when he catches the ball to try and convince the umpire the pitch was actually a strike, when really it was a ball. This is called framing, and when one really looks at the process, it is easy to see how strong and skilled a catcher must be to execute it. One of the best in the game at this is Yadier Molina. In the video below, take a look at how Molina totally redirects the tremendous force of a ball travelling over 80 mph and sinking down below the zone. The way Molina "sticks" the pitch on the
  20. Over the break, I took a 5 day cruise into the Gulf of Mexico. Although there wasn't any internet connection for me to have Mr. Fullerton's videos grace my presence (I know what I'm going to be doing all day today), I was still thinking about physics the entire cruise. One particular event that made me use my physics knowledge took place when we were walking down the pier in Progreso, Mexico. Another Carnival cruise ship was leaving the port as we were about to get on our ship. The boat backed away from the dock and once it was out in the middle of the harbor, it began to turn in place. O
  21. (49 short days until game #1) Today was a very eventful day in the baseball world. Spring training started and Hannah and Derek Jeter announced the birth of their first child. To celebrate both, I thought I would break down the physics behind two of Derek Jeter's most iconic defensive plays. The first play, commonly called the "jump-throw" is known across the world by almost any baseball player or fan. It starts with a sharply hit ground ball towards the hole between Jeter and third base. Looking at simple kinematics- based relationships, it is a large feat in itself for Jeter
  22. 56 days.... Getting hit by the ball in baseball is just a fact of life. Many plays in a game consist of players simply knocking the ball down with their bodies in order to better control it or keep it from getting past them. Usually the ball impacts a part of the body that can take a good amount of force without too much pain (like the torso). Rarely, and usually by error of the fielder, the ball can find its way to less ideal areas of the body. In my case, playing the awkward bouncing grounder on old indoor turf the wrong way resulted in the ball settling on a spot right in the lower
  23. 62 days until the first Varsity Baseball game of the season (@ Arcadia if anyone's interested) My job is a pretty simple one: I work behind the snack bar counter at Lakeshore Hockey Arena and cook food for anyone who cares to buy it. Its not hard and can be fun depending on who you work with but there is one thing that really aggravates me: the french fry bags. The bags have perforated tops to make opening and pouring the fries out of them easy. A major drawback is made very clear though when you open a new case of fries you try to pull the first one out. The boxes they come in should
  24. this connects to when I go camping I was always told to drink liquids near my body temperature bc that way the body expends less energy making the liquids a manageable temp
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    Its cool to think about how the energy is transferred into the glass from the bullet
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