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  1. really interesting take on a really exciting movie!
  2. I wonder where this technology will take weaponry in the future
  3. A small yet very important technique in baseball is a player approaches, touches and leaves a base during a play. The idea is, from a physics perspective, to translate as much kinetic energy as possible around a 90 degree angle in order to continue to the next base with a large amount of velocity. The major part of the technique happens before you even touch the bag. During the approach, the runner must bend away from the baseline and then come back to the base in a way that makes the turn longer and less of an angle. (watch the video it this doesn't make sense) What longer distance the r
  4. I have been wanting to do a post on the physics behind a fastball for a while... and because of the events that transpired early today I think this is a fitting time to do it. Today, Yordano Ventura, 25 had his life taken in a car crash in the Dominican Republic. He was a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and was widely regarded as a pitcher that most announcers describe simply as "electric". Usually I use physics here to bring to light how truly difficult baseball is and the skill of the players who compete for a living. But as someone who has watched Yordano, I can say even physic
  5. This past semester I took "History of Warfare", a half-year elective that took an in-depth look at all major US wars since WWI. On the last day of the class, we shifted focus to the homefront and talked about mental injuries veterans sustain and how they try and cope after war. One thing that really shocked me was the existence of a fairly recently discovered injury called Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). What surprised me even more was the way in which this injury was sustained. Essentially, the supersonic winds created by explosions cause the brain to rock inside the skull over a time perio
  6. A new development in baseball, especially in Little League, is the implementation of breakaway "safety" bases that rely totally on friction with the ground to stay in place. The idea behind them was that younger players, who had not yet perfected sliding, were getting hurt when they slid into a immovable base and hurt themselves from the sudden deceleration of their body. With their leg (mostly the knee and ankle) bearing the brunt of that force, it would make sense to take every precaution to prevent potentially career altering injuries at such a young age. The key to breakaway bases is th
  7. I always wondered why people do that ^ but now it makes sense
  8. Lebron has legs that are perfectly capable of pushing off the ground too... I dont know if there is a law of physics saying only Draymond Green can add momentum to a system.
  9. I thought I would do a quick post about some very interesting information I read about pitching and how it ties in with bio-physics. As a lot of people know, Tommy John surgery is a dreaded operation that is used on mostly baseball players to correct the mother of all baseball injuries: a UCL tear. The UCL, or Ulnar Collateral Ligament is a small ligament on the "pinky side" of your elbow. Its main purpose is mainly to hold back all the torque generated by your arm when it goes into a whipping overhand motion. Basically, its a convenient little piece of tissue tailor made for all of us thr
  10. Thank God I'm a Clemson fan... Saturday was an awful day for me watching the Raiders fall to the Texans; but Monday was a different story. My Clemson Tigers won the College Football Playoff Championship with a thrilling victory over Alabama. It was one of the most exciting games I have ever watched and was definitely well worth staying up till almost 1 on a Monday night. Although I could talk about the physics of Deshaun Watson holding up the National Championship Trophy, that would be a little too similar to my last embarrassment of a blog post. Instead I want to talk about the rot
  11. Today at 4:30 Eastern Time something magical will happen. THE Oakland Raiders will take the field in a NFL Playoff game for the first time in 12 years. There are a lot of questions surrounding the Raiders and their chances of even making out of the wildcard round. Their chances are pretty good as long as they can overcome the Texan's defense, who is 1st in the league in the overall category. Being the overconfident Raiders fan I am, I predict the Raiders are going to play not one, but two games in Houston before the end of February. (Houston is hosting the Super Bowl this year). The only
  12. This Christmas I was lucky enough to get my 4th wood bat from my parents. (Sorry dad for breaking the last 3) As I was holding it in my hand I noticed it felt lighter than my previous bat, but what confused me was the fact that both had the same length and weight. Using my ever-expanding knowledge of physics, I got to thinking about it and a few minutes later it dawned on me that its really not that confusing at all. Despite how un-exact of a science you may expect making wooden bats may be, (after all they are still made by using a lathe and cutting tools) there are exact model types of wo
  13. I like how this gives me something to think about while I'm scared out of my mind
  14. I know this blog is all about baseball but sometimes special moments must be capitalized upon... and this is one of those moments. In light of the great ball game my Raiders had today (hey Justin ) I thought I would do a blog post on the best defensive end in the league: Khalil Mack. His tipped pass in the 4th quarter and strip sack later on pretty much sealed the game for Oakland and in particular I want to focus on the tipped pass. Believe it or not, the physics behind this play are pretty interesting and I had a lot of fun thinking about this play. It all starts when Mack used speed to
  15. This long weekend, my family took a vacation up at my cottage near Watertown NY. My father, brother and I all hunt and have been doing so since a young age and every fall we take time to spend some time in the woods with each other hunting for big game. This time of year, bow hunting is the open season, and sitting in my tree-stand this past weekend, I thought back to a time when my brother and I were first learning about hunting and archery. My brother, who was 11 at the time was enjoying his fancy brand new bow with sights and everything. He had sighted the bow in so he could aim directl
  16. a really cool take on something you really dont think too much about!
  17. Keeping with my outfield theme, Crowhops are critical to the outfield position. A crowhop is a shuffle-step like movement that allows a fielder to throw the ball with greater initial velocity and therefore more distance. Although I've been around the game for over a decade, the physics behind the crowhop never really seemed interesting until you take a deeper look. Standing still, a player can still throw a ball with tremendous speed. All of this velocity is coming from the muscles in the arm and torso as the body is whipped through the throwing motion. When a player crowhops, they are si
  18. This is how physics helps me become a better magician!
  19. Tonight, the 2016 Gold Glove Awards were presented. For those of you who dont know, the Gold Glove Award is given to two MLB players for each defensive position that had exceptional seasons playing defense (making athletic plays, committing few errors and so on). The award is given to two players per position because a winner is chosen from the two main leagues under the MLB: the National and American Leagues. One particularly fascinating position from a physics standpoint is the position of outfield. To the innocent bystander, a strong defensive outfielder looks to have the easiest job on
  20. Maybe this will be the next thing that gets Kodak out of the hole.... but probably not....
  21. Last night, in Cleveland, two landmark events happened in a city mostly considered the laughingstock of sports. In one night, the Indians won game one of the World Series against the Cubs and the Cleveland Cavaliers hoisted their Championship banner on opening night of the NBA regular season. With these stadiums right across the street from each other, it got me to think: with Cleveland fans so starved of sports success, they took full advantage of this opportunity to be loud and support their beloved Cavs and Indians. With the sheer volume coming from each stadium last night, I also wonder
  22. The feat of checking a baseball swing is truly one that requires much physical power. The majority of people compliment the batter's keen eyesight when he stops his bat mid swing, when in reality they should be complimenting his strength. Thinking about it from a physics perspective, it is simple to see how much strength is required to stop a swing. 250 milliseconds after the ball is released, the batter starts his swing, generating all the force he can out of muscles in his arms, legs, hips, shoulders and abdomen. If he were to commit to it, the next 150 milliseconds would be spent taking
  23. Along those lines, its really cool to think if that place exists in more than just theory and what one might find that far away from the galaxy we know so well
  24. As a person who does a good amount of shooting, it is really cool to see this relationship play out. Especially when you shoot guns of the same power, but with different masses, it is easy to see how the lack of mass of the gun is made up for by the increased velocity the gun hits your shoulder with.
  25. In the short period of time I got to watch the Dodgers/ Cubs game before I started working on my physics, I noticed a strange game plan that the Dodger base runners were employing against Cubs lefty pitcher Jon Lester. After a four pitch walk to lead off the bottom of the first, Dodgers player Enrique Hernandez started to bounce back and forth and side to side as he was taking his lead from first, trying to distract Jon Lester from his task of pitching. To people who aren't familiar with the game, a left handed pitcher is oriented on the mound so his body faces first base. This means whenev
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