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  1. Definitely good to keep in mind... I always hit the ball long and with way too much force
  2. Sports Authority Field at Mile High doesn't have that name for just any reason. Home to the Denver Broncos, it is exactly one mile above sea level and is surrounded by the thinnest air in the NFL. As far as football goes, thin air really benefits the home team in many more ways than expected. Other than the obvious facts that kicks and passes go farther, daily practice at that elevation can make a football team extremely effective when it comes to the physical side of the game. When the Broncos are away, the thicker, more oxygen-rich air they play in only makes them a better, more effectiv
  3. The beauty of baseball is the fact that any single detail of the game to can be analyzed way more than most people want to know. Everything from the moisture of the grass to how a player catches a ball can play huge roles in a game. Even in something as small as catching a ball, physics can be found in not only the method of catching but in the actual construction of the baseball glove. During a professional baseball game, players routinely throw the ball at speeds approaching 100 mph and can hit the ball even harder than that. Some of the power hitters in the league can produce batted bal
  4. I hope you all realized the Raiders are winning the Super Bowl
  5. Hate that feeling when it feels like the centripetal force is going to force you out of the car on tight turns
  6. Life without friction would not be fun but it would be funny to watch people try and do simple tasks that are impossible without friction.
  7. such a fun game! we played all the time until my cousin dove onto the net thinking it would bounce him back up....
  8. Well if my last blog didn't get you interested about baseball hopefully this one will... Introduced to 3 pilot stadiums in 2014 and now in its 2nd full season of league- wide use, STATCAST is yet another way for baseball (and physics) fans to geek out about anything that goes on in between the chalk lines. Essentially, STATCAST uses common methods of tracking and, with the help of computer and human input, creates powerful graphics, videos and analysis in a matter of minutes. This system is a huge step up from the PITCHf/x technology because of the sheer number of variables it can cover
  9. Last week our physics class failed at a single attempt to calculate the horizontal distance traveled by a projectile launched from a projectile launcher. After one test launch, we were required to calculate the delta x of a ball launched at an angle of -4 degrees. I think the biggest factor contributing to our failure was the lack of effective communication and teamwork. When it came time to gather values to calculate the distance, the main form of communication was that of yelling louder than the next person so you could distribute your information. With better communication, the class as
  10. I think I would have to go with Kershaw on this one but back when Lincecum was in his prime he had a nice curve too!
  11. Baseball. Often dismissed by many because of how "slow" and "boring" it is. This being said, anybody who knows anything about physics should strongly disagree with these statements. The truth is, every 15- 20 seconds, a ball flies towards the batter travelling 80+ mph and curving up to a foot in one direction all the while a batter is trying to hit that ball to distances exceeding 400 feet. The most interesting piece of this intense chain of events is the movement of the ball, which requires years of practice, refinement and sometimes plain luck. The most common type of moving pitch is t
  12. Really similar to baseball! I know with a baseball rpms are the key to making it move i wonder how much of a role those play with a soccer ball.
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