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  1. SJamison


    Elon Musk is a god!
  2. SJamison


    Through photon camp in which I attended last year there was a lot of talk about lasers. This is because while using optics you can do a lot with lasers this is because you are easily able to manipulate them. The three things that all lasers have are an energy source, a medium and a resonator. The energy source or source pump is used to provide the laser with the energy that it needs to be powered. The medium is what really separates lasers because it determines the strength of the laser or the power that it has. And the optics are used to adjust and fine tune the beam. Lasers are cool because that have a variety of uses: cutting, welding, drilling, and marking. They are very good sources of light that are easy to manipulate and have endless uses.
  3. @Cvankerkhove had a blog recently about the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is basically the idea that every thing that happens has an effect on everything else so if one thing doesn't happen everything else could be different. This got me thinking about the idea of time travel and how things would change if you were to go back in time and interact with other people. With this idea in mind what would change? Would the time line that you went back to, continue on and basically start all over again by living out all of the changes that you made to it while the time line that you came from, continues to live out their time line? Or is their just one time line that is being altered? This idea of different time lines is kind of like alternate universes which is a cool concept and it makes me question the conciseness of us right now and how there could be multiple of you on different timelines.
  4. This is such a cool idea and I could imagine how things would be if we could time travel.
  5. SJamison

    String Theory

    The comparison with a bubble is a really cool way to think about it.
  6. SJamison


    The key to golf is not only patience but to have a consistent swing. If you can hit the ball the same way with the same force overtime you can be accurate with how far you hit the ball just by changing clubs. Each club has a different loft and an angle associated with it. Knowing the angle and the force exerted on the ball allows for you to be able to calculate the distance that the ball will travel using kinematics because you are able to find the horizontal and vertical forces suing the angle and these are needed to solve. And using a combination of force exerted on the ball and angle you are able to get an exact distance by changing these values. This will only work too if you know the changes in elevation and the idea that the ball is perfectly inelastic and that it has no rotational inertia which we know isn't true.
  7. SJamison

    Physics of Hockey

    Pucks aren't flying that fast, the fastest shot is only around 110.3mph.
  8. This is really cool to think about!
  9. Or you could get a cat
  10. I really liked the wave unit last year and its cool to see it applied to an instrument.
  11. You should bring your yo-yo into class and show us some tricks.
  12. In order for a monster truck to be able to do a front flip it needs for one of its points far from it's center of mass to come into contact with a fixed object. One way of doing this would be to get the truck into a wheelie or almost stand the truck up, then you need to hit a fixed object like a very steep jump. This will cause for the truck to begin a rotational motion and begin to do a front flip. This is because the impact of the tires on the fixed surface act as a torquing force which cause rotational motion. In the video below the truck hits a jump to get the car into a wheelie and then increases speed to hold the wheelie so that the trucks back tires come into contact with a dirt ramp which cases the truck to perform a front flip.
  13. In almost every action-comedy movie there is a person who happens to drop a gun and then it goes off. This however just does not happen every time a gun gets dropped. For a gun to be fired it requires the firing pin to be activated and to do so you either need to pull the trigger or get the hammer to release and come into contact with the firing pin. The chances of this happening are slim to none. In fact, a lot of gun instructors will tell you that it is safer to just drop the gun if it falls out of your hand rather than try and catch it. This is because well trying to catch the gun as it falls there is a good chance that you will grab the trigger in the process and discharge the weapon. Even though in all of the movies it looks super dangerous to drop a gun it really isn't as bad as what they make it out to be. However if you are dropping a gun I don't think it should have been in your hands in the first place.
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