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    Knee surgery

    I have to get the same surgery pretty soon! Good to know I won't die!
  2. I like the blog post and the video is pretty awesome!
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    Fall is by far the best season. It's not too hot, not too cold and the leaves falling all around create beautiful views any way you turn. Physics is also all around during fall. To pick one example, falling leaves illustrate many principles of physics. One could pretend air resistance doesn't exist and see a leaf fall 9.8 m/s^2 in a straight line to the ground, but that would take away from the beauty of the leaf falling. One would have to include air resistance, measured by either bv or cv^2, where b and c are constants and v represents velocity of the leaf. Even the inclusion of air resistan
  4. This is the single greatest movie ever made and the physics applied its pretty awesome too.
  5. Yeah you could have calculated the force.......
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    That's an awesome demonstration! Super cool!
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    One of the most creative sounds in music is when a composer is able to resolve a chord. The chord starts out sounding as though the pitches are fighting each other, this is called dissonance. The listener hates this sound, but it makes the resolved pitches sound even better. To resolve the chord, the dissonance is ended by balancing out the wavelengths of the pitches. This is done by changing the notes in the chord such that their frequencies create regular harmonies such as a third and a fifth. The physics behind resolving a chord is extensive, but at the same time straight forward. The frequ
  8. In the greatest comedic film ever created, Homer Simpson attempts to ride a motorcycle around the inside of a dome. He accomplishes this feat in order to throw a bomb out of the inside of the dome. Not only is this the coolest stunt ever pulled in any movie in the history of film, the physics behind this accomplishment is elegant. In previous attempts when Homer failed, he drove too slowly and so he would fall when he got to the top of the dome. Lisa knew about physics, however, and told Homer to speed up when he got to the top. When he did this he was able to get to the top of the dome withou
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    By far the coolest thing you could do with a car is drift, but most people don't know the specifics behind drifting and how much physics is embedded in drifting. When someone drifts, they turn the car abruptly and then turn the wheel in the opposite direction they want to turn. This action, however, however seems counterproductive. Why would turning the opposite direction move the car in the intended direction? To answer this question, you need to know the nature of friction and Newton's laws. When the car begins to move sideways, the only force acting on the car is the force of friction from
  10. That's an awesome take on spike ball, taking into consideration all of the physics behind playing the game.
  11. I read the first sentence and stopped.
  12. Physics plays a massive part in music, whether instrumental or vocal, but physicists and musicians rarely realize the depth of the relationship between the two. As a tubist and a physics student, I find how closely intertwined physics and music are to be intriguing. Most people know that the tuba is an incredibly low instrument, second only to the contrabass saxophone, which is rarely found in a concert band anyway, but when asked why it is, the most common answer is because its big. This answer isn't totally incorrect, but there is so much more to be considered in terms of the physics that ma
  13. This is super interesting that something created in Super Mario Sunshine could represent something that follows the laws of physics in real life accurately.
  14. In a lab recently conducted by the Physics C class, Mr. Fullerton required the class to place a textbook at a location where they predicted a ball launched by a projectile would fall. The class got one test launch to observe the behavior of the projectile and then the angle that the projectile was launched at was changed and the location of the ball when it lands had to be predicted. The class failed to calculate the final location of the ball due to improper calculations, specifically not representing certain vectors with their proper direction. In the initial lab, the distance in the y direc
  15. jcstack6

    About Me

    I grew up in a large family with 6 siblings. As a triplet and having four older siblings, I have never really been on my own in any activity. My family is extremely close and most of the activities that I do outside of school, such as soccer, singing, playing the tuba, and acting, I do with at least one of my siblings. I am a captain on the varsity soccer team in high school and soccer is one of my greatest passions. I am studying physics this year because I loved what I learned last year and I am intrigued to find out what else there is to be discovered in physics. I am super excited for phy
  16. I didn't know that the way the balled curved was by the force of it spinning causing high and low pressure areas around the ball. This is super interesting.
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