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  1. So the momentum is the same, but the kinetic energy of the two-car system moving towards each other at 20 m/s each is (2cars)[(1/2)(10kg)(20m/s)^2]=4000J.  The kinetic energy of one car moving twice the speed into a wall is (1car)[(1/2)(10kg)(40m/s)^2]=8000J.  Why do the collisions look the same if one needs to dissipate twice the energy of the other?  Shouldn't the single car collision look four times worse than the two car collision (one car dissipating 8000J=8000J/car but two cars dissipating 4000J=2000J/car.  If one dissipates four times the energy per car of the other, why do they look the same)?

  2. I really really like the fact that we both put up posts about driving in the snow on the same day.  I also like that yours said "So stay safe and follow those road signs" and mine said "In the end, maximum slide is achieved by going around a corner and then pulling the handbrake."


    A more representative pair of sentences has never been written.




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