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  1. So for 16 on the WebAssign due tonight, I feel like I'm completely missing something. I algebra-ized two of the kinematics equations [ x=.5(vf+vo)t and vf=vo+at ] and got x=.5(2vo+at)t, hoping that then I could set the two rocks equal to each other because their x values are the same, and then solve for time somehow. This failed. Miserably. I looked a little bit at trying to set x=vot+.5at^2 equal to itself, again because the two x values should be the same, but didn't get anywhere. It feels like you have to make an equation equal to t, and then figure out a way to set that equal to itself (with one side adding the extra time until the second rock is thrown). Hope this makes some semblance of sense... any suggestions?
  2. Shabba! Good to see you around, cannot wait to read more of your aids in expanding knowlege.
  3. Ever since my birth in a log cabin in Montana, I've made a hobby of moonlighting in all of the occupations listed here, proceeding through them alphabetically. Personally, I've found I have a real interest in Taxi and Exotic dancing, grioting, and mechanical/aerospace engineering. I cannot wait to learn about all of these within AP Physics C. My strengths include algebraic manipulation of numbers and a truly superior superior vena cava. I think I can certainly stand to improve my sink-throwing skills, as well as my ability to remember about blog posts before the night they're due. In terms of what I'd like to do with my life... the list is long and varied. Create earth boots and sell them on the moon, master Physics C, buy my teacher a silver porsche... all the usual suspects. I'm taking AP Physics C cause physics is cool!! I plan to become an engineer of some sort (in the occupation list between elementary child discipliner and exuberant english examiner), so I figure there's a chance I'll have to know some physics anyways. I hope to walk away from AP Physics C with a greater understanding of real-world physics. No more of this "constant acceleration" crock they feed you in Physics B, no "negligible resistance" BS, let's do fizziks!! I'm most excited about learning how physics uses calculus, but also most anxious about it. That's all, folks!
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