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  1. Cool! Baseball is fun and I bet you guys win allot since you know all the fysics...I bet on the way to first base after you get a hit you take your time to figure out the velocity...just kidding but you do take your time
  2. Don't spend your life trying to find a place where fisics doesn’t apply because it doesn't exist. Not even when you are blogging. When blogging you are most likely sitting at a chair and typing on a keyboard. This applies to Newton’s third law that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. As you sit in the chair to blog you apply a force, your weight, to the chair and the chair pushes back up at you with an equal force. This also happens when you press on the keys to type. As you push on the keys they push back with an equal force. If this law wasn’t true blogging would be fairly difficult considering you would fall through chairs and break keys on the key board. Existence in general would be hard without this law. This isn’t however the only fisics to blogging because inside a computer is almost every subject to fisics ranging from thermodynamics and fluids in the cooling system, magnetism and energy in the wiring of it, waves because there is light and sound waves emitted, circular motion in the fan and modern fisics due to the atoms that build and keep the computer together.
  3. Do you know where I can buy a hamster to steer my car?
  4. It was hot. REAL HOT. I just had gym and I realized I had fysics next period...all the way on the third floor. Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuun. I knew by the time I got up there I would be dying of exhaustion and be sweating profusely. Its not looking good on this horrendousjourney. As I began to climb,as I expected, I started to sweat more and more. I wondered what terrible thing would cause this to happen to me and then I realized it was all fysics fault. I wanted to figure out how much extra work I am doing by going to third floor instead of the first, so I calculated the amount of work to clib the climb the stair. To determine this I assumed the stairs have a height of 7 inches. I also remembered my work equations from fysics B. W=∆Et to find ∆Et I must find my change in potential energy, with respect to the first floor. My change of energry from the first floor to the top would be a change in potential energy which is the equation ∆Et=mg∆h. Assuming each step is 7 inches and there was 42 steps the change in height is 294 inches. To convert this to meters I must use the conversion of 1 inch= 0.0245 meters. So (294)(.0245)=7.203 meters. I also have to do a conversion of my weight in pounds to mass in kg. The convertion for this is 1lb=.453592kg. (135)(.453592)=61.22142kg. I then use both of these conversions to plug into the equation ∆Et=mg∆h. ∆Et=(61.22142)(9.8)(7.203), ∆Et=432.15833Jules ∴ W=432.15833Jules. That's a lot of work before we do work!
  5. All key points are hit here...sink throwing, master physics c and the silver porsche. Can't wait to work with you on the (add any adjective) year we are about to have in physics!
  6. Hello fello accomplices together I hope we can take on physics and master it's test. I have lots of confidence I can contribute to this because my strong suits are in math and science. These subjects have always come easy for me so I enjoy the challenge of physics c. I can definitly improve on some of my calc skills and some physics concepts I didn't master last year. I hope in the future I can maybe become a physics major or some type of enviromental engineer. I am hoping one of those career paths will allow me to work in a field with alternative energy so I can find new ways to improve the world we live in. I hope to get a greater understanding of the world we live in and to enjoy the subject even more then I did last year. I love to fix problems that dont work and im excited to learn new aproaches to solve the inescapable laws that surround us. Although I have to admit I'm a bit anxious about the difficultly of this class but I'm sure if I stick with it and put in the effort, I can prevail. Not accountable for any spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors.
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