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  1. Music is cool. speaking of music, listen to this for some ambiance. Why is music so cool though? Because waves. A wave is pretty much the movement of energy. If thats so, than what is sound? Sound is a type of wave caused by a vibration. In the case of music an instrument, or ones own vocal chords, can produce vibrations which then travel through the air as waves eventually reaching your eardrum.
  2. Listen to this. lets talk about work. Work is not only equal to force times distance, but is also equivalent to the change in kinetic energy. For instance, if a car of mass m is traveling 10 m/s and comes to a stop in 15 m, its very easy to find the work. Work=Change in Ke=((1/2)m(10)^2)- ((1/2)m(0)^2)=50m This means that the breaks in this car must do 50m j of work to stop the car.
  3. Lets talk about Cat density.... you've never hear of cat density? Think of this way: There's mass density. That's how much mass there spread out in an amount of space. Similarly, there's charge density which is how much charge is spread throughout an entire space. Cat density is no different: its the amount of cats spread throughout an area. This place has a very high cat density.
  4. Being tired sucks. It really sucks. Especially when you still have 4 more blog posts to write. But why does it suck so bad? Well for starters the acceleration due to gravity is always trying to keep you down. Gravity pulls your head down and even closes your eyes for you. But sometimes gravity wins. In that case, it can be determined "how much" gravity wins. When standing, Your Center of mass is not moving. While falling however, potential energy is converted to kinetic energy until the center of mass hits the ground stopping the object. I'm really tired. with love, -Shabba
  5. As you sit reading this post, the computer you're using is hard at work. For this post i want to talk specifically about fiber optics. Though the use of Fiber optics, your computer can send and receive messages much quicker, and for a lot less money. Basically, Fiber optic cables are just long glass tubes. Your computer sends pulses of light into the glass tubes that get sent out as messages. These pulses of light hit the inside of the glass at their Critical Angle thus reflecting the pulses completely. technology is fun. -SHABBA
  6. As shabba sits here, thinking... its comes to his realization that there is even physics in typing a blog. Every time shabba's finger hits a key, the key hits back with an equal amount of force. But that's elementary. What about everytime shabba uses his mouse to click on the screen to open google chrome thus sending and receiving signals via fiber optic cables? typing is very physical.
  7. For this blog i would like to discuss eating. Chewing. The average human can bite with about 150 psi, and thats a lot! Legend has it that humans are more than capable of biting off their own fingers, however even at 150 psi that may not be true. 150 psi just doesn't seem like enough to penetrate the skin and bone of a finger.
  8. YO squirrles can run fast! 8.8888 m/s or about 20 mph. That's faster than the average 5th grader can run, meaning that if squirrels were a bit smarter, we'd have a real problem. Not to mention the fact that a squirrel can bight with about 7000 psi. A humans bight on average is about 150 psi, which means that a squirrels bight is about 50 times greater than a humans DAMN. So let this be a warning to you squirrels are FAST and sometimes it seems as though they're cute and friendly but its a trap. They just want ya nuts. -Shabba
  9. I used to own a half-pipe. Well, a mini-pipe rather. It was a about 1.5 meters tall. Skate baording on it is interesting because at the top of the pipe all you're energy is due to gravity. That means Etop=mgh As one rides down the half-pipe, potential energy is converted to kinetic. At the bottom Ebot=(1/2)mv^2 HOWEVER... In many sports that include a standing on board, a common method to gain speed is to PUMP. Pumping, in its simplest form, is pushing down on the board when you're going up or down a ramp. Or any curve for that matter. Its possible to PUMP on any curve who's concavity faces upwards. In the case of a half-pipe: one can pump on there way down the pipe, thus converting energy in their legs to kinetic energy using an impulse (push). And it works too. Its actually quite crucial while skating on a mini pipe. -Shabba
  10. This blog post is very important. Read this blog post. But first, Click this link to receive the full effect from this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7_vNpVXubA&sns=fb Now lets get started. Physics is really cool. When you boil everything down to its (Almost) simplest form, you're left with atoms and molecules. Those are the building blocks of everything in our entire universe. But consider a wall. A wall.http://www.freefever.com/wallpaper/2560x1920/textures-wallpapers-bricks-brick-wall-red-bricks-texture-red-bricks-texture-wallpaper-62615.html This wall is made of atoms. Tons and tons of tiny atoms. Now lets think about atoms and energy. When energy is passed to an atom its often in the form of kinetic energy, causing the atom to move or vibrate. But atoms are naturally always vibrating anyways. That being said: It's possible, very unlikely, but possible that all the atoms in the wall could vibrate in such a way that a hole opened in the wall the exact shape of your body and you could walk through. Thank you for your time -Shabba
  11. This was the best blog post I've ever read. And I'm Shabba Ranks.
  12. I would like to take this time to adress a very important matter. Circles. So round. Lets see what we know about circles. As a particle travels in a circular path, it is always accerlerating. Even if the magnitude of the velocity of the particle remains the same. This is because velocity is a vector quanity which means that it is both dependent upon magnitude and direction. That being said, if the velocity changes at all (In magnitude or in direction) we know that it is accelerating. The accleration of a particle traveling in a cirlcular path (Centripetal acceleration ) is equal to (v^2)/r Whereas v is the particles velocity and r is the circles radius. However, I was told from my homeboy Newton that F=ma. So if we plug in an objects centripetal acceleration, Centripetal Force= m(v^2)/r I know this wasnt the biggest and baddest blog post out there, but Shabba's a bussy guy. Dont judge me. Below you'll fine some pretty nice cirlces. With love, your friend -Shabba
  13. Just tryna educate this world. Its a cold, cold world.

  14. I was thinking about earth. Mother earth. MASSIVE mother earth. If you're planning to leave earth at some point, good luck! Because to leave earth you'd need enough contained energy to send you off with a velocity of 11.2 Km/s, Or 11200 m/s. In concept, fairly simple. But in reality, not so much. Unless that is... You had a MASSIVE SPRING. And i mean a spring that is unfathomably large. Lets do some math. Our end goal is to attain 11200 m/s using a spring. The amount of energy you would need to attain this speed can be represented by the equation, Energy= (1/2)mv^2 Or with numbers, E=((70 Kg)(11200 m/s)^2)/2 This comes out to be about 4390400000 J. We can now use that in the equation to find the potential energy of a spring, which is E=(1/2)kx^2 Or after some math, 8780800000=kx^2 For this model, lets say we compress the spring 1 meter. In this case, the spring constant (k) of this spring would be 8780800000 N/m Now, all this is cool, but it's extremely unfeasable. At this speed, an unprotected human body would be very likely to spontainously combust due to an incredible amount of friction from the air (Drag). The Molecules on the outside of the body would rapidly heat up and almost instantly ignite, as shown in the picture at the top of this blog. In conclusion, dont try to leave the earth. With love, your friend, -Shabba
  15. Yooooooo check this out. I was chillin in my studio and i had to open a window (for circulation). As i opened it, a gust of wind hit me in the facial region. But i thought nothing of it. No one ever does. Ever. WIND is overlooked all the time even-though it occurs pretty much all the time. WIND, in its smallest components is simply a MASSIVE amount of mostly oxygen and nitrogen molecules flying around due to diffrences in atmospheric pressure. So, by feeling a gentile wind on your skin, your actually experiencing millions of oxygen atoms smashing into you. But say there's other things in the air around you. Like dirt, or smaller particles like dust, and Smoke. Those particles also smash against you. Ow Now lets talk about pressure. If you've taken chemestry or physics you know that: (p1v1)/t1 = (p2v2)/t2 where p=pressure, v=volume, and t=temperature. This equation represents the fact that within a closed system, pressure and volume have an indirect relationship (as one goes up, the other goes down). Along with this, pressure and temperature have a direct relationship. This being said, if the atmospheric pressure in a certain region increases, the massive amount of atoms making up the air around you will be pushed away from said region... CREATING WIND. whoa. With love, you're friend -Shabba
  16. CHECK THIS OUT It has come to my attention that a man by the name of "A$AP Ferg" has crafted a musical piece of art to help represent who i am and what i stand for. Ferg's song, Shabba, is a wonderful depiction of my everyday life; and for that reason exactly i decided to make a blog post regarding the physics of my dope style. Consider this: Ferg raps that he wears eight gold rings, four gold chains, and one gold tooth in an attempt to be like me. Lets take a closer look as this. Gold, being a fairly dense metal, is not light. Gold rings can weigh anywhere from 3 to 7 Grams (For this example lets say a single ring weighs 4 grams). Gold chains can really be almost any weight you want, but a sensible chain id wear would weigh about 40 grams. Finally, a gold tooth could weigh about 3 grams. Lets do some simple calculations: Gold rings: 4g x 8 = 32g -----> .032 kg Gold chains: 40g x 4 = 160g -----> .16 kg Gold tooth: 3g -----> .006kg All together ferg wears about .198kg of gold as he cops my swag. But lets go a little further: if we take the weight we found above and multiply it by the acceleration due to gravity (10 m/s/s) you'll find that A$AP Ferg is weighed down by a constant net force of about 1.98 Newtons just due to the gold he wears. Heres a list of some foods that weight about the same amount. 2 apples 2 hamburgers 4 sticks of butter 1 large bar of chocolate 4 chicken fingers (Arby's) 2 bagels (Bruegger's) 4 scrambled eggs (McDonalds) Among those, here's some amounts of US currency that also weighs about 2 newtons. 204 dollar bills 100 dimes 40 nickels No one cares about pennys In conclusion, I think it goes without saying that the amount of gold A$AP Ferg wears is impressive. Imagine if you had to carry around 4 scrambled eggs with you all day every day. Not only would that get annoying, but it'd be SUPER messy! I hope you enjoyed this Shabba- Related physics post. If you would like to hear the song that i am referring to in this post (Shabba- A$AP Ferg) you'll have to find that on your own. It can not be posted on this site and shouldn't be viewed by anyone underage due to the explicit nature of language used. I may be Shabba Ranks but i still have class! With love, your friend -Shabba
  17. man i could use one of those. its hot up in Shabba's Palace. -Shabba
  18. so much physic, such little time, defying every law, and sippin on some wine

  19. ckralles


    I see that you like to disc golf? that sounds very interesting to Shabba. Shabba would like to hear the physics behind, how you say, disc golf.
  20. Let me start by saying that I love most topics regarding math and science. I always have. As a kid, I grew up with the mentality that math and science were the building blocks of the natural world; and for that reason, as I grew older I saw it almost as my inevitable goal to expand what I know in said fields. In AP-C Physics I hope to accomplish part of that goal, that being to absorb all that there is to know regarding physics (and math). This year I'm excited to have the opportunity to learn, in depth, what AP-B physics only brushed the surface of. With this in mind however, I'm well aware of the difficulty of the class. That being said, i'm slightly anxious to see how each test and the AP exam itself play out. I'm confident that i'll survive though. After all, i am Shabba Ranks. I hope any of my future posts can somehow aid any readers who also hope to expand their knowledge. With love, your friend -Shabba
  21. I'm here to educate all that are willing to learn.

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