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    Instead of getting a good sound system, you should just follow me around seranading me on the violin.
  2. So i was chillin with my boi shabba, when we were like yo lets go longboarding. So we grabbed our yatchs and headed to the local chapel hill. Now while pushing we can hit a speed (according to the speed gauges in the road) of about 15 miles per hour. Which is roughly 6.7056 meters per second. Which is relativly fast. Also, courtesy of the speed gauges, that at the end of the hill we hit speed of 33 miles per hour, which is roughly 14.75 meters per second. We were disapointed that we couldnt even hit the speed limit of 35 miles per hour, but whatevs. Using this information and the principle of
  3. 1.) So im blogging now, thats pretty cool. As far as backround goes, i play sports and music, thats pretty much the extent of my strenghts and activities. I pretty much just chill, its kinda my thing i guess. I could improve on getting things done on time, as you can tell from how late this blog is. 2.) Im in physics C, because i find it interesting. Im really not that good at, as most of you probably know, or will soon find out. Mr. F always says were smarter then him, but in my case i dont know about that... But i did like physics last year, and i find the concepts and challenge of i
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