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  1. Launch Time: 6:44.91 Team Members Present: All present and partaking Play-by-Play: At the beginning Bill Kerman boarded the rocket Launch Meat and and was strapped in. Then once the weather cleared, the boosters ignited along side the rockets main engine and Bill oriented the rocket towards the east. The boosters were dropped when they ran out of fuel. As the rocket traveled, it neared an apopsis of 80,000 km Bill Kerman turned off the throttle and began to coast towards the altitude of 80,000. Upon reaching the apopsis, Bill turned the engine back on full throttle to burn the last
  2. Pre-Launch Design Release Team Name: F'N Sandwich Available Funds: $80,183 Vehicle Name: Launch Meat Vehicle Parts List and Cost: MK-16 parachute- $422 MK-1 Command Pod- $600 7 FLT-200 Fuel Tanks- $1925 2 TR-18A Stack Decoupler- $800 2 TT-38R Radial Decoupler- $1200 FLT-400 Fuel tank- $500 2 Rt-10 hammer solid fuel boosters- $800 LVT-45 Swivel liquid fuel engine- $2400 4 AV-R8 winglet- $2560 2 aerodynamic nose cones- $480 Total Cost: $11,675 Design Goals: This rocket was designed to send a Kerbal into
  3. Launch Time: 3 minutes and 29 seconds Team Members Present: All team members were present to bare witness to the launch. Play-by-Play: The swivel engine was engaged and the Jebediah Kerman for the first time in his career lifted of the surface of the planet Kerbin. The first stage burned, propelling the capsule to around 7000 meters. The first stage was then was dropped and the capsule used its momentum to reach a final height of just over 10 km. As the rocket then fell back towards home, the parachute was released to slow Jebediah down and return him alive and safe back to Kerbin.
  4. Team Name: F'N Sandwich Available Funds: $70,000 Vehicle Name: PB&J Vehicle Parts List and Cost: MK1 command pod : $600 MK16 Parachute: $422 TR18-A Stack Decoupler: $400 Fl-T200 Fuel Tank: $275 "Swivel" Engine: $1200 AV-R8 Winglet * 3 : $1920 Total: $4817 Remaining: $65,183 Design Goals: This vehicle is designed to reach an altitude of 10 km. It is built to be small and efficient. Launch Goal: We expect to reach 10 km. We also aim to achieve a successful manned launch of Jebediah Kerman and return him back safely. Pilot
  5. The gold foil experiment is the famous experiment conducted by Ernest Rutherford that we all learned about in chemistry class. This experiment proved that atoms are made up of mostly empty space. In fact 99.9999% of an atom was proven in this experiment to be empty space. Lets say we could eliminate all that empty space by condensing the parts of an atom together. How much weight could we fit in a small space such as a single teaspoon? Over a billion tons! This idea is common when studying astronomy. At the end of a stars life, it collapses and explodes in a supernova explosion. The rema
  6. The Doppler effect occurs in everyday life more often than you may think. It is the change in frequency or wavelength of a wave relative to a moving observer. In this animation a car has sound waves that it is emitting. As the car starts to move the wavelength of the wave becomes smaller on the side of the car that it is moving toward and larger on the side that it is moving away from. An observer on the left side of this car would hear it gradually become higher pitched. An observer on the right side of the car would hear it gradually become lower in pitch. The Doppler effect
  7. The first telescope to be invented was a refracting telescope. A refracting telescope works by using converging lens to collect light. A refracting telescope has a convex lens that bends the parallel light that is coming into it to a focal point. That focal point is where an image is formed of what is being observed. At that point is the eyepiece that you look through to see the focused image. This diagram shows the inside of a refracting telescope. A reflecting telescope was invented after that refracting telescope by Isaac Newton. A reflecting telescope works by collecting light a
  8. baseball00


    Our latest unit in Physics was learning about magnetism. A magnetic field occurs when charged particles are moving. According to greek legend magnetism was discovered by a Shepard in a field as he suddenly felt a force of attraction coming from the ground as he wore shoes with iron on the bottom. The substance he found later became known as magnetite, after the place it was found, Magnesia. Another common magnetic substance that was well known was lodestone. This was used in ancient China by the first emperor to protect his palace. Huge blocks of lodestone were placed outside the entrance. Thi
  9. Major league baseball opened up the season this week and there were some exciting stats and physics involved in the 11 games that were played on Thursday the 29th. Here are some of the great physics highlights of opening day. Giancarlo Stanton hit 2 home runs on his yankee debut. One of his home runs leads the league, so far, in exit velocity off the bat: 117.4 mph. With a launch angle of 19.8 degrees, its projected distance traveled is 426 feet. Jordan Hicks of the St. Lous Cardinals has the fastest pitch of opening day at 101.6 mph. At this speed, Hicks produced a spin rate of 2,
  10. Want to make brushing your teeth even easier than it already is? Try using an electric toothbrush that uses an electric motor to rotate the brush back and forth to scrub your teeth better than ever. How does it work? On all the electric toothbrushes there is a battery at the bottom. This is used for a source of voltage which creates a current. As the current goes through the circuit, it reaches a point where it experiences a magnetic field. This creates a force upward on the circuit causing a net torque in the clockwise direction as shown in the diagram. As the circuit rotates 180
  11. Anybody who has ever taken a physics class knows that math plays a very essential role in solving problems that explain the laws of the universe. The question is: has math always existed and waits for us to discover it, or is math our own invented logic? There are many mathematical phenomena that are mysteriously found to come up in nature such as the Fibonacci sequence, and the numbers e and pi, that would be evidence of math being a preexisting language of the universe that we are continuing to discover. There are also some people that would say numbers are just a way for our conscious to u
  12. Water and ice molecules on earth have a distinct molecular structure that gives it the properties that it has; however, under different surrounding pressures, the molecular structure can change, resulting in the formation of superionic water. Superionic water differs from the ice/water you and I know so well. "Regular" ice has molecules that form a V shape with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. As pressure increases, these atoms get squeezed into different shapes. A property that superionic ice has is that it is a conductor of electricity; however, unlike most conductors, the current is
  13. Every massive object in space has an escape velocity. Escape velocity is the minimum velocity an object must have in order to escape the gravitational strength of a particular planet or any large body in space. The earths escape velocity is about 11.2 km/s. This means that an object must travel 11.2 km/s to escape its orbit around the earth. Reaching this velocity is a very big challenge when dealing with space travel. The more mass a body has, the more gravitational attraction it has; therefore, the escape velocity becomes faster. A black hole's escape velocity is so high that nothing
  14. Super Bowl LII is nearly 2 hours away. The Patriots and the Eagles are both great teams with lots of talent. Not only will I be watching the game, but the physics of the game as well, being a physics student. Some things worth taking note of are the kinematics of kicking a field goal, the forces that are felt while getting tackled, the kinematics of deep passes made by Tom Brady and/or Nick Foles, among many others. The minimum height needed to complete a successful field goal is 10 feet. A typical field goal is kicked anywhere from 30 - 40 yards away from the goal post. Depending on how
  15. The many worlds theory suggests that there are an infinite number of universes that exist outside of our own. This theory was developed by physicists studying quantum particles. In quantum physics some things can have properties of either particles or waves and there is no way to determine which one. This influenced the many world theory because in quantum mechanics things have a wave-particle duel nature, so each fate of a particle is carried out, but just in different universes. According to this theory you are not the only you. You are living in an infinite amount of universes, each wi
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