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  1. So many theories, so many people. Sometimes it's scary to think that there's a whole unknown out there. Maybe it's scary even to think that someone could know more than we ever could, run faster, stand taller or something along those lines. Perhaps we should feel nothing at all, grinning coldly at our calculations and hold rationality above all, subordinate to nothing. I would not feign to know everything and I wouldn't say to merely forget these questions because this line of thinking is worth the time. Despite that, I would begin at square one. I think there's a bit of intuition behind everything, a 'priori', that is justified by reasoning alone and then knowledge, a postpriori, justified by experience and conclusions. But it appears that human rationality is limited and we hastily draw through too, too short lives. Really how could we know 'truth'? So I believe a bit of hesitation is in order before we accept any single one of these, frankly dubious YouTube theories.

  2. 1 hour ago, BrandyBoy72 said:

    I hope your bike serves you well for some time to come. also your tone in the beginning was a bit harsh, but I digress. Overall this blog was very nice, I think gear ratios are cool and they really are closely related to angular momentum> I remember learning about gear ratios in Principles of Engineering last year.

    Provoke not the ire of I. Quick to temper, quick to wit. Verily I see the serpents' lie, perch'd low to befit. Bade not beget a quarrel but beget one indeed. Riven from I alike a valley cleft. Oft I wonder'd my words would have heed but I discover'd a friend bereft.

  3. If you feel like you're on the low, take your time and don't go out of your mind. Your life is yours and the future isn't something that comes to you but you must seize it for yourself.

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