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  1. Waves are like people, turbulent, transitory and aimless. Such is the nature of man, I suppose, and such is the vast separateness of a chaotic sea.
  2. So on the twenty first of September in the year two thousand seventeen, anno domini we lost many good men to a test. What's important now, moving unwearyingly forward, is to not lose heart. Our forerunners have been through similar sorts so although our path may seem an onerous, impossible kind, a capable hand and mutual counsel will bring us fruition. Keep in mind that retakes are available, studying is worthwhile and AP physics C is a community. In this dreadful hour, we are not merely alone but we have each other's utmost generosity and the whole extent of one another's courtesy.
  3. HegelBot153


    If you feel like you're on the low, take your time and don't go out of your mind. Your life is yours and the future isn't something that comes to you but you must seize it for yourself. Edit: spelling and grammar errors
  4. We never have sufficient time in a P.E. unit to try things like this. Maybe it could have been better known if we could experiment with these effects. Sad but unfortunately true.
  5. Some time ago, I wrote a research paper about Isaac Newton for a social studies class. I did not investigate my topic well until after I handed my ill-researched paper in, a poor choice on my part but my curiosity about the subject did not leave me. I began by read a few articles, just enough to have a partial idea of what it was I should have wrote about and the figure I had neglected to properly study. Isaac Newton had a hand in optics, classical physics, and the creation of his laws of motion. He discovered the law of universal gravitation when he was twenty two years old which in total, became a crucial part of forming our modern ideas of physics and natural laws. Eventually he received accolades and held the title of knighthood for his immense contributions. Overall, I think that Isaac Newton should have a bit more attention from the public so his work can come to light.
  6. 1.a. Learning is fast, knowledge is composed of isolated facts, being good at a subject is inborn and I'm really good at multitasking. b. The second belief because many natural occurrences operate on the same dynamic laws and metrics. c. Metacognition helps us understand the way we think and improve those aspects of cognition. 2.a. The intention to learn, paying close attention to the course material as you study, following as learning style, time spent learning. b Commitment of information to be considered related and meaningful. c. Minimizing distractions, developing good metacognition, processing critical concepts and retrieving and applying those concepts. 3 Elaboration: Seeking practical examples. Distinctiveness: recognize and distinguish concepts, topics and mathematical situations Personal: information relative to you. Retrieval and Application: this depends heavily on the correctness and accuracy of the information in question. Automacity: working independently Overlearning: do not confuse certain points of critical information. 4.a. 1. metacognition: to prepare our conscience for learning exercises 2.she asked students to gauge how well they performed against how they actually performed 3. Students tend to overestimate themselves and their abilities as well as underperform when the occasion arises. 4. The lack of critical thinking in high schools does not do much good in the way of preparing college students. 5. The mnemonic connections made along the paths of retrieval. 6. Reading, the relations that compose a narrative are analogous to those made by study. b. They both require proactive strategies to be involved in the learning process. Their relation to concepts prior and mathematics involved as well as following known natural laws must use the strategies described in this video series. Best to keep in mind that answers are obtainable and that deep processing must be achieved simultaneously in study. c. The choice to be in a group may or may not hinder the efforts of its individuals or as a social organism become an effective team or to isolate one another into focused study a difficult one. However making delegations of members to carry out tasks manages time better than a student alone could. 5.a. Panic and denial. b.reexamine your study habits, reveiw this exam, speak with your teacher and be more prepared. C. wholly commit, minimize distractions, attend all classes, set realistic goals and don't slide.
  7. Wow. Such style, grace and all in one concise post. I give this post nine hundred ninety six thousand stars out of half a million. Nice work!
  8. Hey, HegelBot 153 reporting in! I've taken notice of your blog and i have to say that it's a strong start to a great year.
  9. I'm a humble student of IHS, one of many that have elected to enroll in AP physics this year. I like philosophy. I enrolled in AP physics C out of curiousity, hopefully I'm not inundated soon. Throughout the year, I'm eager to gain insights into the natural world and make new friends. It is rumored among the student body that AP Physics C is a difficult undertaking but I have resolve, about half a year's worth.
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