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    I was scrolling through Instagram and found this hilarious meme of someone's Tinder profile. It reminded me of earlier this week when Mr. Fullerton said that if a girl had the quadratic formula tattooed on her forehead, she wouldn't get a date. I guess nerds don't need love. Anyways, I entitled this blog "Dying" because, first of all, that meme made me die of laughter and, second of all, the first AP Physics C test killed me. With reflection I realized that this year is going to be a lot harder than I even first anticipated. I am not the smartest student on Earth, but I have an ambition and un
  2. This blew my mind and now I need a snack
  3. Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail… Or Succeed A) “Beliefs That Make You Stupid”: ~Learning is fast ~Knowledge is composed of isolated facts ~Being good at a subject is a born talent ~I’m really good at multi-tasking The belief that “learning is fast” really resonates with me because I don’t budget enough time for homework and studying so I have to rush to get things done. C) Metacognition is a student’s awareness of their level of understanding of a topic. Video 2: What Students Should Understand About How People Learn A) Th
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    cool beans! Have fun in physics!
  5. I started in my mom's uterus. Now I'm here. I have always thought space is cool because it's just so frickin weird. It's hard to believe that we are just chilling on a planet. I would love to become an astrophysicist one day, but that's just my Plan B in case I don't become a successful actress. I love to perform more than anything in the world. The adrenaline rush is intense. I also love to dance and laugh and hug! So basically I belong in the Trolls movie. I am taking physics because I think it would help me pursue my Plan B of becoming an astrophysicist. I also took AP Physics last yea
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