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  1. I've been reading some of the seniors final blog posts in physics and I decided to be moved by the same wave. I didn't face any new challenges. I struggled to be consistent because I'm not the best at time or mental management. I lose track of relatively large amounts of time easily. Through the ups and downs I learned well from the master Fullerton. I too now am one master yet I feel slighted. ALL of the physics in star wars is fake... not fake but impossible in my lifetime so I learned what I already expected to be true in such depth I'm happily confused now rather than how I was mischievously curious about Physics and all that it entailed. I'm glad I spent the time in class to learn from kinematics to modern physics. Being in class turned out to be entertaining and mentally fulfilling. i've come to the conclusion that Physics isn't studied for the sake of knowing and understanding it because it seems to me, there is no end. One cannot simply understand physics further than what we understand now. I honestly believe Physics is studied to enhance ones ability to think. I think Physics is the gateway to transform thinking from being a scalar quantity to being a vector, strong, focused and intentional to derive something specific in another facet possibly. Taking Physics has allowed me to grow in a way immeasurable by me at the moment and I respect Physics. I enjoyed the class and that's all that matters besides me gaining the minute understanding I have gained. To say the least, if I could bend time I probably couldn't make myself do anything differently but if I COULD I would enjoy it more. I'll encourage my underlings to take the course too! Farewell Physicists!
  2. could i perhaps have one in my home for....free?
  3. I was reading an article on 10 strange physics facts and a light went off. As I now know, according to the Double slit expirement particles of matter have both the characteristics of matter and of waves. During the expirement one electron has the ability to travel through one of the slits as matter predictably does, to travel through both slits initially and interfere with itself on the final side to form a diffraction pattern or the electron can punch out, grab its hat and jacket and decide to go home instead of going through either slit. What? Modern physics theoretically isn't nearly comprehendable. Also, to observe the electrons actual position relative to each slit changes the complete position of the electron and the electron travels through one slit, as matter predictably would but that isn't my point. According to the expirement, once observed the wave acts as matter would and according to physicist John Wheeler and the expirement on his work in 2007, after the wave travels through the slit or both or neither, to observe it would force it to act as matter and change its past. Granted that means only a fraction of a second is changed but I'd like to know how I could take advantage of this. I was thinking, if the distance between the slit and the screen--in a more practical fashion, a star and myself, possibly a star further than our own sun away had a slit between it and I and I could observe it or maybe if I was accelerated through a slit fast enough to take advantage of my wave characteristics then observed, wouldn't I travel back in time? If I move faster than the speed of light by a specific speed could I change my own past? Could the process of causality work backward for me too? I seriously wonder because I would love to straighten up te transverse things already done.
  4. I was wondering what I would do first this summer and of course, I looked to the masters of Summer vacation for inspiration: Phineas and Ferb. The two middle school brothers know how to enjoy summer more productively than I ever will and I thought I could reproduce their trip to the moon by building a space ship but first I thought I would need a rocket, a very strong rocket. Because I clearly don't know how to build a rocket I looked to Mythbusters and how i could make an inexpensive space ship. Sadly after watching them I learned I could not accomplish the task easily because I can't easily produce the impulse and I don't even know what rocket thrusters are so I'll just be watching Phineas and Ferb when I'm overwhelmed with the passion to explore space. I'm much more interested in building a jetmobile instead now! I can't be pulled over for driving a home made vehicle can I?
  5. All week long I, Leon Sandcastle have been thinking "what will I post my first blog about?" I wondered if I could make it as interesting as some of the others I've already seen and for that I would need a unique, new, fantastical question--yes, fantastical. I still have not finally found my question but I think energy is a much more fun topic than thinking philosophically about physics and definitely not reading about it! That's probably the worst way to think and learn about such a complicated subject so I thought "talk about life." So here goes. How many of us students, teachers, athletes, people wait until the last possible minute to do what we know should be done? A LOT. We wait until the very last second to clean before our parents get home, the very last instant to get dressed and walk out the house in the morning and definitely the very last milisecond to finish assignments for school. I believe it all goes back to the Newtonian law of physics: Inertia! We wait because one, there's no force acting on us immediately and two, we haven't started! Static friction, the force acting against an object right before it begins to move is greater than kinetic friction: when it's moving. Static and kinetic friction are invisible and intangible but they do exist! For example, as the end of the year nears--thank you--spring break takes hold of us and stops us completely in our tracks though it only lasts so long, sadly. We return to school and begin to recieve homework. Chemistry, music, english, trigonometry, extra credit, HISTORY, languages blah blah blah and physics. In one day we recieve, say, seven assignments due on Friday. Every day the pile grows beneath us but due to the force of static friction, it's hard to start! Wednesday rolls around and we have TWENTY-ONE assignments to complete if we haven't beat the static friction yet, piled beneath us. But this is where the going gets good. That pile grows beneath us increasing our potential energy as a rock's lifted over the edge of a slide and we finally have enough force, mainly supplied by the fear of a terrible grade approaching to accelerate us past the coarse and strong static friction down into the much easier going kinetic friction and translating our potential energy into kinetic energy by attacking the Sysiphean plight of homework, falling to the bottom, finishing our assignments and blog posts, following the law of Inertia until hitting our beds on the last day of school for rest. See, physics is realer than just real. It's megaphysical. Signed, The Great Leon (Daniel) Sandcastle
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