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  1. Hi, For the Physics C Mech test, do we need to memorize Moment of Inertia equations for the various objects (rod, sphere, etc?) Will the problems you demonstrated in your videos appear on the multiple choice portion? They seem to be pretty complicated for the MC questions. Thanks!
  2. hi, i know i posted this question in response to your retarding forces video ( ), but per your advice i created an account here. anyway, do you think it is advisable just to memorize the equation you derived? or will the AP Phys. C test make you figure it out on your own? will i just need to plug in numbers? (In other words, what stuff from the video do I actually need to keep in my head? how will i use it?) sorry for so many questions; an answer such as "know how to derive them" or "you don't need to memorize any of it" or "just plug in numbers" will do! thanks again!
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