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Physics is Interesting


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Hello, I am Lexi! I am Captain of the Cross Country team, I enjoy painting, playing my bass clarinet, singing, writing, reading, baking, knitting, making jewlery, laughing, laughing loudly, and everything else under the sun. I work at the public library, and I love books. I do Jazz band, Jazz choir, Chorale, Wind Ensemble, and Sweet Sixteen. I hope to Major in English, and become an English Professor, and continue to write and read while minoring in Music Performance and Visual Arts.

I am taking Physics because it seems like a smart idea. I am interested in these odd things I've never learned about like a quarter being in two places at once! Cool stuff. Also I am wondering how a tennis ball can go through the wall without making a hole... Physics is something colleges look for as well, so taking the class is beneficial.

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