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speeding lab


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Speeding Lab

Kasey Ramsey

James Wilczewski

Thespeeding lab involves tracking the speed of cars passing in front ofIrondequoit High School and indicate whether they are speeding or not. This labwas conducted to determine how many civilians actually follow the speed limitput in place within the area around the school.

In order to figure out each cars speed wecreated a detailed procedure. Before the procedure we needed a measuring tape,and stopwatch. Our first step was to create a data table to record theinformation during the procedure. After we created a set distance from one landmark to another, which was our independent variable. We measured out thedistance between a light post and a sign which were approximately 10.7 metersapart. Next, we timed how long it took the car to cross the measured distance fromwhen the front of the car entered and exited the zone, which was our dependentvariable. After each car was timed, we recorded it’s time in our data table.The description of each car was also included in our data table to categorizethe vehicles. Once all the data was recorded we used the formula, speed=distance/ time, to calculate the speed of each vehicle.

Average speed= adding all speedentries and dividing by the number of entries

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