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Speeding Lab


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Nick Pignato, Caitlin Maggio, Alex Miller, Erica Plukas

Ourgroup was presented with a task of determining the average velocity of motorvehicles on Cooper Road. We wereprovided a stop watch and tape measure, in which we utilized to measure out 20meters along the side of the road, and time how long it took for the vehiclesto transport from start to finish. Thepurpose of the task was to figure out if drivers were breaking the speed limitof 35 miles per hour.

Weplanned to have two stops along the side of the road, where we timed how longit took for the car to travel between. Asthe car passed by the first person yelled “go” and the timer started the clockuntil the second person yelled “stop”. We recorded the data from 10 cars and then moved to another location andrepeated the process.

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