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Speeding Lab


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Stephanie Rogers,Preston Monigle, Andrew Skrypka

The speed limit onCooper Road in front of the high school is 35 mph(15.6 m/s, or 56.3 km/hr). Aspart of an Irondequoit Police Department safety project, our team has beenasked to gather data about the speeds of cars driving down Cooper Road.

We were broken up intogroups of 3-4 people and were provided stopwatches and a tape measure. We usedthe tape measure to get a distance between two points that we would time thecars that passed by. We had one person in our group stand at the first time andthe other two people at the second point. The one person that stood at thefirst point signaled the other two when the cars passed the first point-meaningsignaling when for us to start timing. We repeated this for the next 10 cars.

We concluded that 9 outof the 10 cars went the 35 mph speed limit. The one car that went a little overthe speed limit was a black Toyota car. We could improve this experiment byhaving maybe one more timer; instead of one or two timers we could have three.That could help increase the accuracy.

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